December 26, 2023
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For the selection of judges of Rajasthan’s subordinate judiciary in the state of Rajasthan, the High Court of Rajasthan administers and conducts the highly competitive Rajasthan Judiciary Services (RJS) Examination. There are three phases to the exam.

The preliminary exam measures the candidate’s proficiency in language and law and is objective in nature. The mains exam is a subjective type of test designed to evaluate a candidate’s in-depth legal knowledge and practical application of legal principles. Although the RJS Examination is difficult, it is undoubtedly passable with the right study habits.

How to prepare for RJS: The Pattern of the Examination

The syllabus and test structure must be familiarized with in order to know how to prepare for RJS 2024 examination. The syllabus for the primary and preliminary examinations is available on the Rajasthan High Court website.

Preliminary Examination

  • This is the first phase of the RJS exam. It consists of objective-style questions designed to evaluate candidates’ legal understanding.
  • This stage serves as a screening exam in order to compile a selection of candidates for the next round.
  • There are going to be no more than 100 questions in the preliminary examination, with a maximum score of 100.
  • However, erroneous and incorrect responses on the preliminary exam will not be subject to negative marking.
  • For two hours, the preliminary exam is going to take place. The marks obtained in the preliminary exam will not be used to determine the final merit.

Mains Examination

  • The mains examination is given to those who qualify for the preliminary exam.
  • Written papers covering a variety of legal topics, including criminal law, civil law, and language proficiency, usually have to be submitted for this stage of examination.
  • Each of the two Law Papers, which are worth 100 marks each, lasts for three hours.
  • Each of the two-hour papers, which is Paper I in Hindi and Paper II in English, carries fifty marks each.


  • The last stage of the RJS examination process is a 35 marks interview round.
  • The interviewers will assess your personality, character, address, physical appearance, and educational background when considering you for the civil judge position.
  • You can be asked general interview questions by the panel of interviewers to gauge your knowledge of current affairs.
  • So, always stay up to date on the latest news and current happenings around.

how to prepare for RJS exam: Preparation Tips and Tricks

  • You can test your knowledge by taking different practice exams or by speaking with candidates who have recently passed the exam. This will help you identify the topics you should focus your research efforts on.
  • Do not attempt to cram everything into the last two weeks before the test. Instead, select exactly what you would like to learn in a particular week or month and break the curriculum into digestible pieces.
  • Ensure that you allocate time for each subject in your study schedule, including the ones that you find the most difficult. You may need to spend more time on some subjects than others, depending on your strengths and limitations.
  • Mock tests are an excellent way to evaluate where you need to improve and to get ready for the test. There are books and internet resources for mock exams.
  • After choosing your study materials, you can get started on your studies. It is essential that you follow your study plan and be consistent in your studies. Your primary objective when studying should be to comprehend the content, not just memorize facts. Try to relate the concepts to real-world situations as well.
  • It is also crucial to practice frequently. You can gain practice by answering previous years’ question papers and taking practice examinations. You can improve your time management skills and get a feel for the types of questions that will be asked on the test by doing this.
  • When you reach a goal, treat yourself to something enjoyable. This will help you stay motivated and go forward. You may treat yourself to a small gift or take a few minutes out to enjoy yourself as a reward.
  • It is essential to take breaks when studying for the RJS Examination in 2024. This will assist you in sustaining focus and avoiding burnout. Approximately every hour, get dressed, move around, or take a brief walk outside. Weekends and holidays present even more opportunities for extended vacations.

You are so close to the victory. Don’t you? Remember that qualifying for the RJS Exam requires maintaining motivation. You can improve your chances of reaching your objectives by heeding the advice provided above as to how to prepare for RJS exam. Although the RJS Examination is challenging it is undoubtedly worth qualifying with the right study habits. You can improve your chances of qualifying for the RJS exam by paying attention to the advice provided.

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