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Judiciary Online Courses
  • In this course we train our student for all three stages of Judiciary Exam i.e prelims, Mains & interview
  • The course duration is of 11 Months, with every new subject we take new joining
  • Cover all Law subjects (major & minor)
  • We cover syllabus on standard pattern which helps the student to confront any state Judiciary exam. This is where we are different from others.
  • Major exams like DJS, RJS, UPPCS J, HJS, Punjab PCS, H.PJS, APO, APP, M.PJS student can easily crack
  • Language- Hindi & English for RJS and other states where language portion covers
  • Test Series for Pre & Mains
  • Students can join for any particular subject also, according to the subject fees varies
  • Institute support remain with our student till their selection without any extra pay.
  • We accept payments in Installments and we do not have refund policy.

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    One of the most honorable and well-respected positions in the nation is that of judge. The Judiciary examination is periodically administered in an effort to choose qualified and unbiased judges. The Judiciary assesses candidates’ knowledge and discernment using a range of techniques, such as interviews, written exams, and preliminary assessments. All postgraduates and recent law graduates are qualified to sit for the tests, albeit each state has its own qualifying standards.

    Jyoti Judiciary: The Best Rjs Coaching in Jaipur

    • The best Judiciary coaching in Jaipur, Jyoti Judiciary, offers both offline and online multi-state Judiciary Coaching programs in India along with excellent RJS guidance. An excellent substitute if you want to do well on the judiciary exams is online coaching.
    • The judiciary coaching in Jaipur, Jyoti Judiciary, provides both online and offline judiciary coaching programs. They provide outstanding, cost-effective, and productive teaching. 
    • Its experienced faculty makes sure that students develop a solid legal basis and use a workable plan in order to meet the demands of the multi-state judiciary exams.
    • It provides only coaching in the English language. Jyoti Judiciary Coaching is enrolled by a number of students from prestigious NLUs, UPES , Symbiosis university, Nirma university, Jindal university, Amity university, Bharti Vidhyapeeth, Rajasthan University and many other top university & top law colleges.
    • Individual attention is given to each student in the Judiciary course, which facilitates two-way communication. Throughout the online session, students are free to ask questions at any moment.
    • Every Saturday, a test series for the judiciary exam is designed to help students improve and broaden their knowledge.
    • It ensures that Jyoti Judiciary coaching is open for all, making multi-state judiciary easier to understand through straightforward language and principles.

    Best Rjs Coaching in Rajasthan, Jaipur: Jyoti Judiciary Course Structure

    • The best RJS coaching is offered by Jyoti Judiciary, the RJS coaching in Jaipur. This course covers every aspect of the legal system and is taught by seasoned professionals who work in the legal area, so the students will be ready to manage challenging legal situations.
    • By emphasizing theoretical underpinnings and real-world applications, it creates links between different legal issues, leading to a deeper and better comprehension.
    • The faculty members are reputable legal professionals. Through RJS Coaching, their expertise and direction will give students priceless insights into the nuances of the Rajasthan legal system, assisting you in building a solid basis for professional success.
    • To save its students’ valuable time, Jyoti Judiciary offers both online and offline full courses for RJS coaching for a duration of 12 months.
    • If for any reason students are unable to attend the offline lectures, they simply have to access the RJS coaching live lectures by visiting its official website and watching them whenever it is convenient for them. Students have no trouble accessing the RJS coaching live classes on the institute’s official website and viewing the lectures they skipped with just one click.
    • During the live seminars, the Jyoti Judiciary offers notes that are specifically designed for exams. The children will eventually benefit from the improved lessons. 
    • Additionally, it has developed an online test series that is given on Saturdays in order to assess students’ development within the framework of RJS coaching in Jaipur.
    • Another benefit for students who signed up for our online course was the option to attend the RJS coaching sessions at their convenience via the Internet. As a result, Jyoti Judiciary is able to reach out to more students who are committed to achieving their objective of becoming well-known judges.

    Jyoti Judiciary: The Advantages of Rjs online coaching

    • Engaging Lectures: At Jyoti Judiciary, students can improve their learning experience by taking part in captivating lectures, video courses, practice examinations, and Q&A sessions. They can also improve their understanding of basic legal concepts and problem-solving abilities, both of which are essential for passing the Rajasthan Judiciary examinations.
    • Convenient Study: With the aid of RJS Coaching and Jyoti Judiciary, students are able to study at their own pace. With Online rjs coaching, students can improve their time management abilities and adjust their study plans to meet their needs.
    • Premium Study Resources: Jyoti Judiciary students get access to thorough, organized study materials that go over the subject covered in the Rajasthan Judiciary exam. Students may also stay informed about the latest legal developments and make sure they are ready for any exam-related challenges at Jyoti judiciary by using the Rjs coaching online
    • Consistent Content Updates: Jyoti Judiciary refreshes its study materials to take into account notable legal developments as well as the most recent Rajasthan judicial exam trends. Students need to maintain their knowledge up to date in order to stay ahead of their opponents.
    • Expert Counsel: Jyoti Judiciary teachers’ knowledge and experience are advantageous to students. Students who receive this support and advice have a better chance of passing the Rajasthan Judiciary examinations since it fosters a positive learning environment.
    • Excellent Judiciary Coaching: Jyoti Judiciary is dedicated to providing exceptional judicial coaching to prospective law students. Its objective is to help students realize their dream of becoming judges in the legal system of Rajasthan.

    RJS Coaching in Jaipur FAQs

    1. Which coaching is best for RJS preparation?

    Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, the best RJS coaching in Jaipur, provides one of the best RJS coaching programs in Rajasthan. Jyoti Ma’am and the other two RJS preparation phases are supervised by exceptionally skilled mentors. This RJS tutoring in Rajasthan has proven to be quite beneficial for judges in many areas throughout the nation.

    1. How do I start preparing for RJS?
    • The most recent curricula and examination formats ought to be known to you.
    • Create a study plan.
    • Choose the appropriate RJS Study Guide from the selection provided by the top-rated RJS Coaching in Jaipur.
    • Initiate the strategic planning process.
    • Always be motivated.
    1. Is it hard to crack RJS?

    Many applicants believe that the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam is one of the hardest judicial exams in India, according to the best RJS Coaching in Jaipur. Having said that, if you put in a lot of study time, are dependable, and have the correct advice, passing the exam won’t be difficult.

    1. Does RJS happen every year?

    Every year, the RJS exam is conducted.

    1. How many hours to study for rjs?

    You should aim to study for six to eight hours each day, according to the best online coaching for RJS, but remember that consistency and quality matter more than amount.

    1. Who is more powerful IAS or RJS?

    The greatest online coaching for RJS exams, IAS officers are not permitted to summon judges to chastise them or issue directives on what they should or should not do. Furthermore, the judge holds a considerably higher position and more authority than the IAS officer within the union and state governments’ hierarchical structures.

    1. Can I crack judiciary without coaching?

    Without coaching, it is feasible to get ready for the judiciary. It requires self-control, effective study methods, and a well-planned routine. For strategic preparation, it is recommended by a number of specialists to enrol in any respectable RJS Coaching institute.

    1. What is the qualifying marks for RJS interview?

    Candidates must score at least 40% overall on the main test and at least 35% on each of the law papers in order to be considered for the interview. Candidates under the reserved category must score at least 30% in each of the law papers and at least 35% overall in the main test in order to be considered for an interview.

    1. How many attempts are there for RJS?

    You may submit more than one application for the Rajasthan Judiciary Examination per year if you match the requirements. The Rajasthan Judiciary Exam can be taken as many times as you choose.

    1. How many seats are there in RJS?

    The Rajasthan Judiciary Examination for 2022 and 2023 did not have an earlier date. Therefore, by adding the entire number of openings from the years 2022 (83 vacancies), 2023 (57 vacancies), and 2024 (82 vacancies), the largest number of openings for this year 2024, 222 vacancies, was reached.

    1. What is RJS age limit?

    The minimum age requirement for candidates is 21, while the highest age limit is 40. Candidates who identify as OBC, SC, or ST have a five-year maximum restriction lifted.

    1. Who is eligible for RJS?

    Citizens of India are eligible to take the exam. The RJS exam has age requirements of 21 years old as the minimum and 40 years old as the maximum. Applicants must hold an LLB degree or an equivalent degree from an institution recognized by the Advocates Act of 1961.

    1. Who conducted RJS exam?

    The Rajasthan Judiciary Competitive Examination is an annual event held by the Rajasthan High Court to identify eligible candidates for positions as Civil Judges and lawyers.

    1. Is LLM necessary for RJS?

    Acquiring an LLM is not necessary. Choosing a legal career is typically a wise decision, and earning an LLM is always a wise choice. You can gain a thorough understanding of specialized legal areas by earning an LLM. Since legal writing and research are required courses for all LLM programs, you can hone these skills in these areas.

    Additionally, having an LLM degree enhances your position to serve in the court and raises the possibility that you will be hired as a judicial officer, according to experts in the greatest RJS exam online coaching.

    1. What language is the RJS Interview in?

    English is the primary language of the RJS interview exam.

    With the goal of giving students the best coaching available for law entrance exams including the CLAT, AILET, and various other numerous state judiciary exams, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, India’s Finest educational Platform, was established. Come enrol now with Jyoti Judiciary!

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