The term “MH CET Law” refers to the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test Law, a state-level entrance test that is administered for admission to 3- and 5-year integrated LLB programs by the Common Entrance Test Cell Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra government formed CET Cell Maharashtra, also known as the State Common Entrance Test Cell Maharashtra State, to administer and run different common entrance examinations (CETs) for admission to professional courses in the state.

MHCET-LAW Examination Pattern

The objective of the exam pattern is to assess a candidate’s aptitude, ability, reasoning, and comprehension. You need to be an expert in each of these fields if you want to practice law successfully. But in addition to your abilities, your knowledge, quickness, and accuracy are also assessed.

According to the examination pattern:

  • All throughout the nation, the exam will be administered online using computer-based testing (CBT).
  • There will be no reporting time during the 120-minute exam. You should be at the testing location thirty minutes prior to the exam by following the reporting time specified on your hall pass.
  • Candidates will be able to select between Marathi and English as their exam language.
  • As per the examination pattern:
  • The Legal Reasoning and Legal Aptitude Section will consist of 40 MCQs carrying 40 marks.
  • The General Knowledge with Current Affairs Section will consist of 30 MCQs carrying 30 marks.
  • The Logical and Analytical Reasoning Section will consist of 40 MCQs carrying 40 marks.
  • The English Section will consist of 30 MCQs carrying 30 marks.
  • The Mathematical Aptitude Section will consist of 10 MCQs carrying 10 marks.
  • Since there is no negative marking on the exam, the candidate can answer every question without worrying about receiving a zero.
  • MH-CET 5-year LLB exams will be somewhat easier to pass than 3-year LLB exams.
  • To prepare for the exam and complete all portions on time, the candidate needs to have a thorough understanding of the MH-CET Law examination pattern.

MHCET-LAW Examination Syllabus

The MH CET Law 2024 program places a strong emphasis on important courses like Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, English, and Basic Mathematics for the 3-year and 5-year LLB, guaranteeing prospective law students a thorough preparation in pertinent areas.

Syllabus on Legal Reasoning and Legal Aptitude Section:

The goal of the MH CET Law exam’s legal aptitude and reasoning segment is to gauge your propensity and level of engagement with legal ideas. It attempts to assess their capacity to reason through provided arguments in the context of factual data and draw reliable conclusions from them.

Important subjects covered in the MH CET Law 2024 syllabus’s legal aptitude and reasoning part include:

  • Questions on Constitutional Law
  • Questions on the Law of Torts
  • Questions on Indian Penal Code
  • Questions on Legal Terms and Legal Maxims
  • Questions on Landmark Judgments
  • Questions on Contract Law

Syllabus on General Knowledge with Current Affairs Section:

In MH CET Law 2024, the GK and current affairs portion examines candidates’ general awareness of recent national and international events in a range of fields throughout the previous year.

It covers subjects such as General Science, Economics, Civics, History, Geography, and the most recent Current Affairs, assessing a candidate’s knowledge of current affairs and views from across the world.

The following are important subjects for MH CET Law 2024’s current affairs segment:

  • Questions on History
  • Questions on Politics
  • Questions on Economics
  • Questions on Science and Technology
  • Questions on Civics
  • Questions on Sports
  • Questions on Current Issues of National Relevance
  • Questions on Major International Events and Conferences
  • Questions on Business and Economics

Syllabus on Logical and Analytical Reasoning Section:

The logical and analytical reasoning portion of the MH CET Law syllabus assesses a candidate’s ability to reason logically and draw valid conclusions.

This section requires applying particular logical rules and concepts to draw conclusions and inferences from the information given.

Crucial domains within this division include:

  • Questions on Making Inferences & Conclusions
  • Questions on Identifying Assumptions
  • Questions on Identifying Patterns and Relationships
  • Questions on Deductive Reasoning
  • Questions on Analogies
  • Questions on Seating Arrangements and Blood Relationships

Syllabus on English Section:

This section includes reading comprehension passages and questions covering different facets of English language skills.

There will be at least two passages, each followed by a set of questions meant to assess your understanding of grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Important topics to focus on in the English portion are as follows:

  • Questions on Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Questions on Spotting errors and spelling mistakes
  • Questions on Idioms and Phrases
  • Questions on One-word substitution
  • Questions on Sentence completion, rearrangement, and improvement
  • Questions on Analogies
  • Questions on Tenses and voice
  • Questions on Word definitions

Syllabus on Mathematical Aptitude Section:

In the MH CET Law test, the Basic Mathematics portion assesses applicants’ arithmetic ability by posing questions with a difficulty level comparable to the tenth standard.

Concentrating on important subjects is essential to doing well in this part. The following are the key subjects covered in the mathematics section:

  • Questions on Profit and Loss
  • Questions on Time and Work
  • Questions on Speed and Distance
  • Questions on Algebra
  • Questions on Averages
  • Questions on Venn Diagrams

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