The National Law University, or NLU, is the primary body that oversees the annual administration of the AILET entrance exam. The AILET, also known as the All India Law Entrance Test, is the national entrance exam for students who wish to pursue their education in colleges or other institutions affiliated with the NLU. The results of this exam will allow candidates to gain admission to the colleges of their choice for the many courses the university offers.

AILET Examination Pattern

There are some modest differences between the CLAT paper pattern and question categories and the AILET paper pattern. Similar to CLAT, passage-based questions are the main focus of the English Language as well as the Logical Reasoning sections of the AILET exam.

The Delhi NLU does not use the passage as the basis for its General Knowledge and Current Affairs section question structure, even if CLAT does. You won’t find any passages in the AILET exam’s Current Affairs & General Knowledge section. There will be fact-based, one-line questions.

According to the exam pattern: 

  • The exam is administered offline, using an OMR sheet and pen and paper.
  • There are 150 multiple-choice, objective-type questions spread throughout three sections of the exam. One mark, one question. There will be a 0.25-mark deduction for each incorrect response.
  • There will be a two-hour exam period; the test language is English.

Pattern for LLB:

  • The English Language Section will consist of 50 questions carrying 50 marks.
  • The Current Affairs & General Knowledge Section will consist of 30 questions carrying 30 marks.
  • The Logical Reasoning Section will consist of 70 questions carrying 70 marks.

Pattern for LLM:

  • The Tort law, administrative law, Contract law, tort law, family law, criminal law, property law, company law, public international law, tax law, environmental law, labour & industrial law, constitutional law and Jurisprudence will consist of 100 questions carrying 100 marks.

Things to Remember

  • It should be mentioned that legal principles may be employed to assess logical aptitude in the logical reasoning portion; however, no form of legal expertise or technical comprehension will be needed.
  • In the event that two or more applicants receive identical scores on the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET), their merit will be assessed according to whether the applicant scored higher on the logical reasoning portion of the AILET 2024 exam.
  • The senior candidate will be given priority if the merits stay the same. The automated lot drawing method will be taken into consideration if the merits remain unchanged.

AILET Examination Syllabus


The most recent announcements state that there are three sections in the UG AILET syllabus.

  • English Language
  • Current Affairs and General Knowledge 
  • Logical Reasoning

The two sections listed below have been removed from the most recent AILET syllabus, thus applicants considering taking the test should be aware of this.

  • Legal Aptitude
  • Elementary Mathematics

Syllabus: English Language

This component assesses the candidates’ proficiency in the English language based on the AILET Analysis.

The English component of the AILET Syllabus 2024 includes several key chapters that assess candidates’ foundational knowledge of the language, including:

  • Grammar,
  • Sentence Errors and Corrections,
  • Synonyms and Antonyms,
  • Verbal Ability,
  • Idioms and Phrases, and
  • Reading Comprehension.

Syllabus: Current Affairs and General Knowledge

The AILET Exam Syllabus’s GK Section evaluates a candidate’s general knowledge abilities in both static and current affairs GK. To ace this section, candidates need to be informed about daily happenings. The following are the key subjects covered in the AILET Syllabus 2024 for GK:

  • Information regarding Sports
  • Information regarding Eminent Personalities
  • Information regarding General Science
  • Information regarding Awards and Honors
  • Information regarding Economics
  • Information regarding International Events
  • Information regarding Geography
  • Information regarding Geopolitics
  • Information regarding UN Bodies, History
  • Information regarding Civics
  • Information regarding Current Affairs

Syllabus: Logical Reasoning

The questions in the AILET Syllabus’s Logical Reasoning part are built around critical thinking as well as decision-making. The applicants are required to analyse the problems from the AILET Syllabus 2024 for Logical Reasoning in order to generate ideas for their opinions.

Below is the list of important topics you need to focus on while preparing for the Logical Reasoning of the AILET Syllabus.

  • Questions on Blood relations
  • Questions on Ranking
  • Questions on Coding and Decoding
  • Questions on Logical links
  • Questions on Identifying patterns
  • Questions on Syllogism
  • Questions on Assertion
  • Questions on Direction and Distance
  • Questions on Series
  • Questions on Analogies
  • Questions on Statements
  • Questions on Illogical Arguments


The LLM Program’s AILET Syllabus 2024 will mostly concentrate on the subject of law. The official website states that there will be questions from a variety of legal areas, with no mention of any particular themes. The main themes for AILET LLM 2024, which will serve as the basis for the questions, are listed below:

  • Questions on Constitutional Law
  • Questions on Jurisprudence
  • Questions on Administrative Law
  • Questions on the Law of Contract
  • Questions on the Law of Torts
  • Questions on Family Law
  • Questions on Criminal Law
  • Questions on Property Law
  • Questions on Company Law
  • Questions on Public International Law
  • Questions on Tax Law
  • Questions on Environmental Law
  • Questions on Labour & Industrial Law

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