Meaning of Sovereign

September 5, 2023
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The word “sovereign” can have multiple connotations depending on the situation, but when it comes to a nation-state or government, it typically refers to the supreme control that a state has over its own territory and internal affairs without interference from other forces. What “sovereign” in this case means in greater detail is as follows:

Supreme Authority: When a nation is said to as sovereign, it signifies that within its borders, it possesses the supreme and highest authority. That country’s government has the authority to rule its citizens, enact and enforce laws, and handle both internal and exterior affairs without deferring to the control of any other external body

Independence: A sovereign nation is unaffected by or not under the jurisdiction of another nation.

Territorial Integrity: Sovereignty also implies control over its territory. A sovereign state has the right to determine and protect its borders and ensure that its territory is not encroached upon by other states.

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