December 4, 2023
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The High Court of Rajasthan holds the competitive Rajasthan Judiciary Services (RJS) Exam to choose judges for the state of Rajasthan’s subordinate judiciary.

The preliminary exam measures the candidate’s proficiency in language and law and is objective in nature. The main examination is a subjective exam designed to evaluate a candidate’s in-depth legal knowledge and practical application of legal principles. Although the RJS Examination is challenging, it is undoubtedly passable with the right study habits.

How to Prepare for RJS 2024?: Examination Pattern

To prepare for the RJS Exam, one must first familiarize themselves with the syllabus and examination structure. The Rajasthan High Court website has the syllabus for both the preliminary and main exams.

RJS Preliminary Examination:

  • This is the RJS exam’s first phase. It consists of objective-style questions designed to assess candidates’ legal understanding. To create a shortlist of applicants for the following step, this stage acts as a screening exam.
  • The Preliminary Examination has a maximum score of 100, and there will be a maximum of 100 questions. Negative marking won’t apply to incorrect responses in the preliminary exam, though.
  • The preliminary examination will last for two hours. The final merit will not be determined by taking into account the marks received in the preliminary examination.

RJS Mains Examination:

  • Those who make it through the preliminary exam move on to the main exam. Written papers covering a variety of legal topics, including criminal law, civil law, and language proficiency, typically make up this stage.
  • The Law Paper I and Law Paper II are held for three hours each which consists of 100 marks each.
  • The Paper- I Hindi Essay and Paper-II English Essay are held for two hours each which consist of 50 marks each.

RJS Interview Round:

  • The final phase of the process consists of a 35 marks interview.
  • For the civil judge position based on your educational history, personality, character, address, and physical appearance is accessed by the interviewers.
  • The panel of interviewers may ask you generic questions to test your understanding of current events and issues. Thus, keep up with the most recent information!

How to prepare for RJS?: Preparation Tips

  • This will assist you in determining the areas in which you should concentrate your study efforts. You can evaluate your knowledge by talking to applicants who have already passed the exam or by taking practice exams.
  • Avoid trying to fit everything into the final two weeks leading up to the test. Rather, divide the curriculum into manageable portions and decide how much you would like to cover in a given week or month.
  • In your study schedule, be sure to allot time for every subject, even the ones that you find most challenging. Depending on your skills and weaknesses, you might need to devote more time to some subjects than to others.
  • In order to succeed in the RJS Exam 2024, revision is necessary. Even if you believe you understand every topic you have covered, make sure to set aside time to review them all.
  • Mock exams are a fantastic method to be ready for the test and see where you’re required to make improvements. Mock exams are available online and in books.
  • You can begin studying after selecting your study materials. Maintaining consistency in your studies and adhering to your study plan is crucial. Understanding the material should be your main goal when studying, not just learning information by heart. Additionally, make an effort to connect the ideas to actual circumstances.
  • Regular practice is also essential. Solving past years’ question papers and mock exams can help you get practice. This can help you hone your time management abilities and obtain a sense of the kinds of questions that are posed on the test.
  • Give yourself a fun reward when you accomplish a goal. This will support your motivation and forward motion. As a reward, you may give yourself a small present or take some time off to enjoy yourself.
  • When preparing for the RJS Exam 2024, it’s critical to take pauses. This will support your ability to maintain attention and prevent burnout. Around every hour or so, get dressed and move around, or go for a quick stroll outside. Weekends and holidays are additional opportunities for longer breaks.

Recall your motivation! You are taking the RJS Exam; why? What objectives do you have? Remembering your motivation will keep you going when things get hard. Although the RJS Exam 2024 is difficult, it is undoubtedly passable with the right study habits. By following the recommendations, you can increase your chances of qualifying for the RJS exam.

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