Circumstantial evidence

July 10, 2023

It  is an important aspect of the Indian Evidence Act and is recognized as a valid form of evidence in Indian courts. It refers to the evidence that does not directly prove a fact but rather relies on inferences drawn from a set of circumstances surrounding the case. While direct evidence provides direct proof of a fact, circumstantial evidence indirectly establishes a fact by presenting a chain of events or a series of facts from which a reasonable inference can be made.

The relevance and admissibility of circumstantial evidence in Indian courts are governed by the Indian Evidence Act. Section 6 of the act specifically addresses circumstantial evidence and states that facts, which are not in issue but are so connected with the facts in issue that they can lead to an inference, can be considered relevant. In other words, if the circumstances surrounding a case are such that they point to a certain conclusion, then the court can consider them as circumstantial evidence.

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