October 14, 2023
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You need to begin getting prepared for the preliminary exams as soon as you get the notification about the Judiciary Examination. Reading the Bible for the Judiciary i.e., the bare acts is enough to get you qualified in the preliminary exams. In any case, judicial examinations demand extensive preparation, which includes notes and bare acts. But for the preliminary exams, begin getting acquainted with the bare acts right away as you are informed about them.

 It is important to understand all the Sections, explanations, etc. & General Knowledge, which also involves awareness of recent court decisions. Your confidence in the Judiciary MAINS Exam is going to improve if you are confident in the Preliminary examination.

9 Strategies to Adapt: Increase the Chance of becoming a “JUDICIAL OFFICER”

Choose the “STATE” and start preparing accordingly

  • Although the majority of the states have a similar curriculum, other states have different standards, such as knowledge of local state legislation, language-based examinations, computer examinations, etc.
  • You will have an established goal in mind and be able to plan your preparation accordingly if you are definite from the beginning about the states you want to qualify for.

Have a Proper Understanding of the Curriculum

  • In order to figure out what subjects carry greater importance and which carry lesser significance, one needs to thoroughly comprehend the course curriculum for the judiciary.
  • Therefore, we should strategically focus our time and energy on topics that are more important.

Develop a Proper Study Schedule

  • Making the best possible use of our time and obtaining the most out of the work we do requires thoughtful preparation. Various institutes for RJS Coaching in Jaipur always require all of their students to create a detailed weekly study schedule stating how they are going to progress in their preparation.
  • Every bit of information must be included in this schedule, including not only what is being discussed as well as the topic and the duration of the hour to study each subject. This provides the students with clarity, lessens their feelings of anxiety, and establishes a target for them.

Simultaneously Prepare for all the 3 Stages of the Examination

  • A dedicated candidate understands that the preliminary, the main examination as well and the personal interview stage are not separate from one another but rather demand simultaneous preparation.
  • Every subject needs to be studied from all the perspectives of an objective and subjective examination.
  • Because there is a limited amount of time left after preliminary exams to study for the main examination as well as for the round of Personal interviews after qualifying in the main examination, it should be done from the very beginning.

Get your hands on the Previous Year’s Questions

  • Reviewing the question papers from previous years posted on the websites of various institutes for RJS Coaching in Jaipur offers students an excellent understanding of the sorts of questions that will be asked in the exam as well as what subjects will carry a higher significance.
  • It also indicates that an effective plan for clearing the Judiciary exam easily can be established.

Start your Practice for Writing answers everyday

  • The actual competition starts once you complete the preliminary exam because now you will only be battling against qualified candidates. Regardless of how extensive your knowledge is at this point, if you happen to be unable to submit it on your main exam paper, you are going to lag behind others.
  • One must thoroughly practice writing answers if one wants to establish a competitive edge at this point in time. If you want to glide through this stage without any difficulties, make it part of your everyday routine.

Emphasize on Limited Study materials

  • Students start looking for fresh study materials when they start to doubt their capacity to pass the exam on the first attempt. They become more anxious as they believe they haven’t studied enough, and instead of revising what they have studied, they begin looking for new books. Inevitably, this has devastating effects.
  • You’ve probably heard the saying that it’s always preferable to go through one book multiple times rather than ten books only once. Therefore, rather than chasing after new information, the students must stick to existing study materials they have.

Give Multiple Mock Tests

  • The majority of students believe that the intent of mock exams is to assess the candidate’s performance and level of preparedness, but the true intent of the mock tests is to get them ready for the real exam and build the question bank.
  • Giving mock tests designed for the candidates by various institutes for RJS Coaching in Jaipur while under stress and in front of other potential candidates helps them feel less anxious on the day of the real exam. They gain confidence day by day and their question bank develops as a result.

Start Working on your Weaknesses

  • Although working on the areas of weakness of a candidate is the key to significantly improving their score, many students find confidence in their good areas and focus more on making their weaknesses more powerful.
  • There doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement in your strong areas, but there is plenty of room in the area of weakness.

Anyone can get to rank 1 with the right assistance, effort, and strategy. If we establish smaller objectives, like selection, then your concentration is simply cut off, and then just put in that much effort, but if your primary objective is to secure the position of rank 1 then you end up fighting to smash all the records up to this point. This surely strengthens your perseverance, strategy, and willingness to qualify to become a judicial officer.

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