December 13, 2023


The Uttar Pradesh Judiciary Exam (UPPCS-J) is a highly competitive and prestigious exam conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission almost every year to recruit candidates for the judicial services of the state. It is a dream of many law graduates to become a part of the judicial system and serve the society with their knowledge and skills. In this Article we will discuss UPPCS-J mains strategy and UPPCS-J Exam eligibility 2024.


Main examination is a deciding factor in any state’s judiciary exam. Following are some tips that a candidate must keep in mind while preparing for UPPCS-J mains.

UPPCS-J mains strategy

  1. Refer to the Right Study Material: It is essential while preparing for UPPCS-J mains to refer to the right study material. You can refer to standard books recommended for law subjects like Kelkar for Crpc, Takwani for Crpc and Batooklal for Evidence Act.
  2. Focus on Conceptual Clarity: The UPPCS-J main exam  is not just about rote learning, the bare acts but it tests your understanding of the concepts. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts of each subject. Instead of memorizing, try to understand the logic and reasoning behind each concept.
  3. Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Solving previous year question papers is an excellent way to understand the exam pattern, type of questions asked, and level of difficulty. It will also help you to identify your weak areas and work on them. It is recommended not only for UPPCS-J but for any other judiciary exam you wish to appear for.
  4. Practice Writing: The mains exam for UPPCS-J is descriptive in nature, and it is essential to have good writing skills. Practice writing answers to previous year question papers within the given time frame. This will not only improve your writing skills but also help you to manage your time during the exam.
  5. Stay Updated with Current Affairs (legal and general)-The UPCS-J exam also tests your knowledge of current affairs. It has a separate paper on general knowledge for prelims as well as mains examinations. A significant weightage is given to the general knowledge portion. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and events happening around the world. Read newspapers, monthly general knowledge magaines, watch news channels, and make notes of important events.
  6. Learn local laws for UP- UPPCS-J exam conducts separate paper for the local laws. As many as 7 local laws are asked in the examination. Therefore, prepare these local laws too for UPPCS-J, as ignoring them may amount to blunder in the examination.
  7. Put important focus on language- UPPCS-J exam conducts separate two papers for Hindi and English. Prepare these two papers as effectively as law papers. Performance in these two papers is a deciding factor in the final selection of the candidate.
  8. Take Mock Tests: Taking mock tests is an essential part of your preparation for any competitive exam. It will help you to assess your preparation level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also join online or offline judiciary coaching that provide mock tests specifically designed for the UPPCS-J exam.
  9. Time Management: Time management is crucial for clearing any competitive exam. Make a study schedule and allocate enough time for each subject. Also, while attempting the exam, manage your time wisely and do not spend too much time on a single question.
  10. Stay Positive and Motivated: Preparing for the UPPCS-J exam can be a daunting task, but it is essential to stay positive and motivated throughout your preparation. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and do not let failures demotivate you. Stay focused and keep working hard towards your goal.

UP PCS J Eligibility criteria

On its official website, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has published information on the UPPCS J eligibility criteria for the Judicial Services Exam. If you are interested in taking the exam, we have laid out the UPPCS J exam eligibility 2024.

Age Limit for UP PCS J Eligibility 2024

UPPCS-J Age limit

Candidates for direct recruitment to the UP PCS J service must be at least 22 years old and no older than 35. Candidates from the OBC, SC, ST, EWS, or PWD categories, on the other hand, can benefit from age relaxation under the Uttar Pradesh government’s notification. The following points summarizes the age relaxations for several reserved categories:

Category Relaxation of Age

  • SC/ST  5 Years
  • OBC 5 Years
  • Athlete Employees of the State Government for 5 Years
  • Physically Handicapped for 5 Years
  • Servicemen with 15 years of experience5 Years

UP PCS J Educational Qualification Required

Candidates must have the following educational credentials, according to the UP PCS J notification:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree of law from the recognized college/university, or
  • Enrolment as an Advocate under the Advocate Act 1961, being a Barrister of England or Northern Ireland, or a Member Faculty of Advocates in Scotland, with the privilege to practice in the Court or Courts subordinate to it and
  • Candidates must be fluent in the Hindi language in Devnagari script.

Additional Requirements: Candidates who are Emergency Commissioned/Short Service Commissioned Officers who have not been released from the Army but have had their Army Service extended for rehabilitation purposes are also eligible to apply. To be eligible, the applicant must present a document issued by the Army, Navy, or Air Force’s responsible authority certifying the extension of service for rehabilitation purposes, as well as assurance that no disciplinary action is ongoing against the applicant.

Nationality UP PCS J Eligibility

You must be an Indian citizen in order to take the UP PCS Judicial Service Exam. Individuals from other countries are not permitted to take the exam, and their applications will be rejected by the commission.

UP PCS J Eligibility Total Attempts

The UPPSC has set a limit on how many times a candidate can take the PCS J test. Candidates can apply for a maximum for four times.  Candidates eligible to take the exam in 2019, 2020, and 2021 will still are regarded eligible based on their age.

2024 UP PCS J Eligibility Minimum Qualification Marks

  • General Category Minimum Marks Required: Candidates in the general category must acquire a minimum score of 40% in the preliminary examination to progress to the next stage of the selection process.
  • Other Category Minimum Marks Required: Candidates from reserved categories must have a minimum percentage of 35%.

Documentation Required for UP PCS J Eligibility

It is required to present the following supporting papers to demonstrate UP PCS J Eligibility  throughout the application procedure for the UP Judiciary Exam:

  • Evidence of educational qualifications includes self-attested copies of mark sheets, degree certificates, and the main examination application form.
  • Unreserved category applicants will receive a category certificate.
  • Ex-Army personnel must produce proof of service.
  • Ex-Army members must present proof of discharge from the Army before the application deadline.
  • Candidates in the PwD category must present their PwD category certificate if appropriate.

2024 UP PCS J Eligibility General Conditions

  • To be considered for work in the service, you must have a good character that the Governor finds suitable in all aspects.
  • You are not eligible to apply for the test if you have been dismissed from employment by the Union Government or a State Government, or if you have been prevented from practicing as an advocate by the Bar Council of India or a State.

To guarantee that candidates have high character and physical fitness, the UPPSC has established some eligibility criteria. The following are the criteria:

  • Suitability for service sector employment: Applicants must be deemed suitable for service sector employment in the Governor’s opinion.
  • Absence of criminal offenses: Candidates’ names must be free of any criminal offenses. Furthermore, their membership in the national or state Bar Councils should not have been canceled.
  • Physical Fitness: A person who has numerous living partners is ineligible to take the UP PCS J 2023 exam. This means that if a guy has more than one wife or if a woman marries a man who already has a wife
  • Good mental and physical health: Candidates must be in good mental and physical health in order to be considered for judicial jobs.


Cracking the UPPCS-J 2024 exam is not an easy task, but by following judiciary main preparation tricks it can be achieved. One must also be aware of the eligibility criteria before applying for the UPPCS- J exam. With consistent efforts and determination, you can surely achieve success in the Uttar Pradesh Judiciary Services exam and fulfill your dream of becoming a part of the judicial system of the state.

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