Object of Bail

April 12, 2023

The purpose of the accused person’s arrest and detention is largely to assure his presence at the trial and that, should he be found guilty, he will be present to accept the penalty. It would be unreasonable and unfair to deny the accused his freedom while the criminal case against him is pending if his participation at the trial could be properly secured in another way than by his confinement and arrest.

For the accused, getting out on bail is essential since being detained before trial has serious consequences. The accused would be subjected to the psychological and physical hardships of prison life even though he is assumed innocent until his guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt if release on bail is rejected. The imprisoned accused loses his work and is unable to properly contribute to the development of his defence. The innocent family members of his often bear the brunt of his arrest. If you want to be a judicial officer and are looking for RJS coaching, here, at Jyoti Judiciary we provide comprehensive study material to make your preparation solidified and topnotch. From preliminary mock tests, to mains answer writing sessions every material required for clearing the exam is provided. We have separate legal current affairs classes, legal general knowledge, current affairs classes all in one time enrolment. Hurry up.

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