Mob lynching

August 19, 2023

Mob lynching refers to a violent and often fatal act in which a group of people, usually a mob or crowd, attacks and kills an individual, typically without any legal trial or due process. Mob lynching incidents involve the use of collective violence, often driven by emotions such as anger, fear, prejudice, or a desire for vengeance. The individuals targeted in such incidents may be perceived as having committed a crime or offence, but they are denied the opportunity for a fair trial or legal representation.
Mob lynching can take various forms, including beating, stoning, hanging, burning, or any other means of inflicting harm. These acts often involve a high level of brutality and are typically carried out by a group of individuals who act together as a mob. The individuals targeted may be from marginalized communities, religious or ethnic minorities, or even individuals accused of committing crimes.
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This article has been written by Shivani Singh, Faculty at Jyoti Judiciary.

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