Handwriting experts are typically called upon to

August 19, 2023

Handwriting experts are typically called upon to:

  1. Examine Handwriting Samples: Handwriting experts analyze handwriting samples to identify similarities or differences between them. They may also analyze the characteristics of the writing, such as the slant, size, spacing, and pressure applied.
  2. Compare Signatures: They compare signatures on different documents to determine if they were made by the same person or if there are signs of forgery.
  3. Authorship Determination: Handwriting experts are often asked to determine the authorship of a disputed document, such as a will or contract.
  4. Provide Expert Testimony: Handwriting experts may be called as witnesses in court to provide their expert opinions on the authenticity or authorship of handwriting samples. Their testimony can be influential in helping the court make informed decisions.

The credibility and weight given to the opinion of a handwriting expert depend on various factors, including the expert’s qualifications, experience, methodology, and the overall circumstances of the case. The court evaluates the expert’s testimony alongside other evidence presented in the case to arrive at a conclusion.

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This article has been written by Shivani Singh, Faculty at Jyoti Judiciary.

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