Ceremonies of Hindu Marriage

June 12, 2023

Thus, a marriage may be solemnised in accordance with the tradition or rituals of either party thereto, as permitted under Section 7 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The ceremony and ritual can be classified into one of two categories: either the shastric ceremonies and rites required by Hindu law, or traditional ceremonies and rites practised by the caste or group to which one of the partners (or both) belongs.

Therefore, all rituals and ceremonies must still be performed to solemnise a legal Hindu marriage. Only if one of the parties to the marriage can develop a customary ceremony in place of the shastric wedding can they be avoided.

For customary rituals and ceremonies to be approved, it must be demonstrated that they have been practised consistently since antiquity and that caste, community, or subcaste members have accepted them as required.

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