February 8, 2024

As the very first state that has passed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill, Uttarakhand has the potential to drastically change India’s legal scene. This significant victory sets an example for an increasingly integrated legal system as well as a substantial divergence from the nation’s diverse personal laws.

The passage of the UCC Act in the Indian state of Uttarakhand represents an important milestone toward guaranteeing justice, equality, and fundamental rights for all citizens, irrespective of their ties to specific religions or cultures.

uttarakhand uniform civil code: About

Article 44 of the Indian Constitution refers to the directive principles of state policy, and this is where the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is found. According to the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), they must commit to providing its inhabitants living inside Indian borders with a single body of laws. Regardless of faith, the goal of the Uniform Civil Code is to create a consistent legal framework for all citizens. Therefore, a few of the uttarakhand ucc bill main characteristics are:

  • Equal property rights for sons as well as daughters, inclusion of adopted and biological offspring, removal of the distinction between illegitimate and legitimate children, and equal property rights beyond death.
  • According to the bill, “live-in relationships registration” must be completed within a month of the relationship’s start date. Failing to register could result in a six-month imprisonment.
  • Notably, the indigenous communities were not included in the uttarakhand ucc draft bill’s jurisdiction by the Pushkar Singh Dhami government. Approximately 2.9% of the state’s population is comprised of tribes; prominent tribes are the Jaunsari Bhotiyas, Tharus, Rajis, and Buksas.

Does the UCC contradict Article 25 of the Constitution?

  • Freedom of conscience and religion are guaranteed by Article 25.
  • There is no relationship between religion and personal law because the Uniform Civil Code separates religion from social interactions and personal law.
  • Because the UCC solely governs interpersonal interactions and respects everyone’s ability to practice their faith as they see fit, it does not contradict with the clause in Article 25.

The Passing of the Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code Bill

  • The Uniform Civil Code, Uttarakhand, 2024 Bill was approved by the Uttarakhand State legislative assembly on February 7, 2024.
  • As a result, Uttarakhand becomes the first State in the nation to enact a Uniform Civil Code legislation.
  • Two days following the moment the Uttarakhand Cabinet certified the final draft of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), the bill was brought before the Assembly.

Oppositions by Muslim Communities

Muslim Communities’ Oppositions Critics have concerns about the potential negative effects of implementing a UCC, particularly with regard to the context of people with limited opportunities and religious minorities. They claim that implementing personal standards systematically might reduce the range of cultures and threaten the rights of minorities on the basis of ethnicity and belief systems.

As per theucc uttarakhand news, numerous Muslim organizations are against the code. The Muslim community’s freedom to practice their religion and culture is violated by the new UCC Bill of Uttarakhand.

  • Essentially, when you are stating that specific classes would be exempt from the Act, there is no need for a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) of this nature. So, where’s the uniformity? According to All India Muslim Personal Law Board executive committee member Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali, UCC indicates that all state citizens should be subject to the same laws.
  • Muslims are not going to be able to compromise on Shariah, according to Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.
  • They will not accept any legislation that contradicts Shariah because, while Muslims may compromise on anything, they are never going to compromise on Shariah and their religious beliefs.

Summing Up: All the information you require is provided here:

  • The state government led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami introduced the Uniform Civil Code Uttarakhand 2024 Bill, which was approved by the House, making Uttarakhand the first state to adopt UCC.
  • Bill Center is attempting to sneak UCC in through the back door.
  • The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) is against Uttarakhand UCC
  • According to Bill Dhami, UCC will protect children born outside of marriage.

Uttarakhand’s acceptance of the uniform civil code signifies a major turning point in India’s quest for equitable treatment and fairness. In establishing a single set of laws that extends to all residents, irrespective of their cultural or religious background, the state has undertaken a courageous choice to foster a society that is more brought together and inclusive.

The UCC’s adoption in Uttarakhand provides a model for the rest of India to follow and highlights the nation’s dedication to the ideals of fairness, equality, and secularism, even though the road that lies ahead may be challenging.

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