January 25, 2024

The Indian state of Rajasthan holds an entrance exam recognized as the RJS examination to choose candidates for its judicial services. It is a highly sought-after exam for law graduates wishing to become judges as they have a big influence on the way justice is administered.

In the Rajasthan Judiciary Examination, there is intense competition among law graduates for the limited number of available positions. Success on the examination necessitates thorough preparation and a thorough understanding of legal matters.

Examination Pattern: Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination

For the Preliminary Examination:

  • There are multiple-choice questions (of an objective nature) in the RJS Preliminary Exam Pattern.
  • Candidates are exempt from the Rajasthani judiciary’s negative marking requirements.
  • There are two sections to the Rajasthan Judiciary Preliminary Exam Pattern: Law and Hindi & English.
  • For the Mains Exam, the Law Paper I and II syllabus will carry 70% of the total weight.
  • A 30% weighting will be applied to assess the candidate’s proficiency in both Hindi and English.
  • The minimal aggregate required to pass the exam is 40% for SC/ST students and 45% for those in other categories.

For the Mains Examination:

  • It is a descriptive exam, the RJS Mains Examination.
  • There are four papers in the RJS Mains Examination Pattern. wherein three papers are required.
  • Participants in the RJS Judiciary process who passed the RJS Preliminary Exam can proceed to the following round.
  • Candidates need to achieve an overall score of 40% in order to advance to the next round.
  • Every paper will be done independently, as shown by the timeframe in the table.
  • As to the RJS Mains Examination Pattern, the subsequent subjects will be examined in the main exam:
  • Law Paper I (Civil Law) consisting of 100 marks will be conducted for 3 Hours
  • Law Paper-II (Criminal Law) consisting of 100 marks will be conducted for 3 Hours
  • Hindi Essay consisting of 50 marks will be conducted for 2 Hours
  • English Essay consisting of 50 marks will be conducted for 2 Hours

For the Interview Round:

  • Applicants may participate in the interview phase if they pass the primary exam.
  • The interview phase is worth 35 points.
  • Current affairs, general knowledge, as well as legal competence are the main topics of the interview questions.
  • Gaining those extra points depends on the candidate’s knowledge of Rajasthani social traditions and dialect proficiency.

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