June 29, 2024

Women are perceived as belonging to the weaker segments of society. Men, therefore, rule over women, and occasionally they take advantage of them for personal gain. Women experience a wide range of forms of harassment. Sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent forms of harassment worldwide. In India, harassment of women in public spaces by both known and unknown individuals is referred to as “eve teasing.”

Even though women now hold senior positions in practically every industry, eve teasing is still a social issue. Women are impacted in social, psychological, and physical domains. They would rather forget the occurrence and feel ashamed. Those who are the target of Eve’s teasing never question the man or object to the behaviour; instead, they adopt a passive and accepting attitude out of fear that it will further damage their reputation. It’s fascinating to see that some men make fun of both men and women.

eve teasing meaning      

  • eve teasing is a euphemism for men’s public sexual harassment or sex molestation of women that is prevalent throughout the continent of South Asia.
  • Eve-teasing is a Hindi-English term, not of English origin. Eve-teasing is a mindset, an attitude, and a series of actions that are perceived as demeaning and dehumanizing acts directed against women in sexual situations.
  • It occurs when strangers harass women in public spaces, on the streets, and on public transportation.

eve teasing in india: Causes

  • It is common knowledge that moral, cultural, and social values have declined in recent years.
  • Positive views regarding women are lacking in our society.
  • Women are frequently viewed as commodities.
  • Pornography has been widely available.
  • People are frequently influenced by movies, TV shows, etc. since satellite TV networks broadcast their content freely and without restriction.
  • Because the parents were ignorant of their children.
  • Due to a lack of appropriate education and gender inequality, eve-teasing is increasingly becoming a bigger issue in society.
  • Due to fewer distinct regulations pertaining to eve-teasing.
  • People’s lack of knowledge about the rules against teasing.

eve teasing ipc punishment

Under eve teasing ipc:

  • According to Section 294, if someone performs an offensive act or sings,recite, or utters any offensive song, ballad, or words in a public setting and does so in a way that annoys other people, they could face up to three months in jail, a fine, or both.
  • According to Section 509, a person who intentionally offends a woman’s modesty by speaking, making a sound, gesturing, or displaying an object with the intention of invading her privacy may be punished with either a fine or a simple jail sentence that can last up to a year.         

eve teasing case laws

  • The accused in State of Kerala v. Hamsa was observed by other witnesses blinking his eyes at the woman. Her modesty was insulted by this act. The woman had no intention of responding, thus the court ruled that even if the gestures went unnoticed by others, they would nonetheless have insulted her modesty.

According to this provision, the accused had committed an offense. Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code also applied to the accused since he was seen to be gripping the woman’s arms, which was clearly an act of assault intended to insult her modesty.

  • In the case of Santha v. State of Kerala, the court decided that a male would be held accountable under this section if he exposed his private parts to a woman in an indecent manner, used profane language with the goal of the lady hearing it, or attempted to show her his pornographic drawings.
  • The accused in Tarak Das Gupta v. State sent a letter to an English nurse he did not know. There were lewd overtures in the letter. The offender is accountable under this section, the court decided, having intended to insult the nurse’s modesty.

Eve-teasing is a problem that requires immediate attention. Eve-teasing needs to be considered a separate criminal offense. Stricter legislation and improved enforcement strategies are required to prevent eve-teasing. Legislators ought to pass legislation addressing this matter since it has the potential to reduce the incidence of eve-teasing. The moment a complaint is filed, police should begin to concentrate their efforts on this offense. Even though eve-teasing may not seem like a serious crime at first, if it is not halted in time, it can become one.

Eve Teasing FAQs

  1. What is the term eve-teasing in reference with the Indian Penal Code?

While the phrase “Eve teasing” is not used in Indian law, victims have historically turned to Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code for redress. This section punishes a man who is found guilty of making a girl or woman the object of lewd gestures, remarks, songs, or recitations with up to three months in jail.

  • What factors lead to eve-teasing?
  • Gender disparity: The pervasive gender disparity in India is one of the main causes of eve teasing.
  • Lack of Education: A lack of awareness and education is another significant factor.
  • How many cases of eve-teasing in India?

In comparison to occurrences in rural regions, there were more cases of eve-teasing reported inside city borders. In 2021, there were 23 cases filed inside city limits, and in 2022, there were ten. In contrast, only 13 and 7 cases, respectively, were reported in rural areas in the comparable years.

  • What is the punishment for eve-teasing?

Eve-teasing carries a maximum three-month jail sentence, a fine, or both.

  • What are the social effects of eve-teasing?

Their mental health may be exacerbated by the societal stigma and accusations that they are being harassed. Furthermore, eve teasing can lead to violent or sexual assault for certain women, which can have long-lasting effects.

  • Is eve-teasing non bailable?

It declares that a male shall face consequences if he employs unlawful force against a woman with the goal of forcing her to remove her clothing or go nude. Three to seven years in prison and a fine is the penalty. This offense carries no bail.

  • What is the reason for eve-teasing?

The absence of basic knowledge and gender inequality are contributing factors to the rise of eve-teasing in society. Many guys view women as nothing more than commodities. parents’ ignorance of what their kids are doing.

  • What is the act of teasing?

The act of purposefully or playfully bothering someone, especially by making fun of them; regularly upsetting someone.

  • What is the problem with eve-teasing?

Males approach with greater boldness because women don’t often speak out against this kind of harassment. There are fewer and fewer cases recorded since girls are stigmatized in society. The outdated anti-teasing laws that still apply in India are another factor.

  1.  How eve-teasing can be stopped?

It’s important to teach your daughters regarding sexual harassment, eve-teasing, and consent. Help them understand why and provide them with useful strategies to deal with such situations, rather than trying to stop them from going out and living their lives.

  1.  What are the psychological effects of eve teasing?

Eve teasing is reported to have negative effects on mental health, schooling, early marriage, and suicide. The paper suggests remedies include tougher legislation and punishments, women’s self-defence classes, and shifting public perceptions.

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