The term “FIR” stands for First Information Report

August 19, 2023

The term “FIR” stands for First Information Report. It is a written document or a formal complaint filed with the police by the victim, a witness, or anyone with knowledge of a criminal offence. The purpose of an FIR is to provide the police with information about the commission of a cognizable offence (an offence for which the police can take immediate action without a warrant) so that they can initiate an investigation into the matter.
The “registration of FIR” process refers to the formal recording of the complaint or information received by the police in their records. When an individual approaches the police station and provides details about a crime that has been committed or is suspected to have been committed, the police officers on duty are generally required to record this information in a prescribed format, which is the FIR. The FIR typically includes details about the offense, the time and place it occurred, the people involved, and the description of the incident.
Once the FIR is registered, it marks the official beginning of a criminal investigation by the police. The police will then proceed to gather evidence, interview witnesses, collect information, and take necessary actions to ascertain the truth behind the reported offense. The FIR is an important legal document as it sets the foundation for the investigation and subsequent legal proceedings.
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