Section 10 Evidence Act Case law: In Badri Rai v. State of Bihar (AIR 1958 SC 953)

May 3, 2023
symbolizing justice and order

The claim made by B that “A, a goldsmith who was found making adornments in front of his shop, has sent me with the funds in pursuit of the converse we had with you on the 24th as a reward for taking back the case against A,” was accepted as admissible evidence against A and B in a conspiracy to obstruct justice by bribing a police officer. As this statement was made during the course of the conspiracy and was coupled with the act of payment intended to constitute a bribe, it was determined that the conspiracy’s goal had not been achieved. If you want to be a judicial officer and are looking for  judiciary coaching in Rajasthan, here, at Jyoti Judiciary we provide comprehensive study material to make your preparation solidified and topnotch. From preliminary mock tests, to mains answer writing sessions every material required for clearing the exam is provided. We have separate legal current affairs classes, legal general knowledge, current affairs classes all in one time enrolment. Hurry up.

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