December 18, 2023
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In order to choose applicants for judicial services in the Indian state of Rajasthan, a competitive exam known as the RJS examination is held. For law graduates hoping to become judges and have a significant impact on the administration of justice, it is a much sought-after examination.

There is fierce competition for the few available positions in the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam, with many legal graduates fighting for the few spots. Exam achievement requires a deep comprehension of legal issues and diligent preparation.

RJS Examination Pattern

The Rajasthan High Court has established the Judiciary Services Exam selection procedure in accordance with other state judiciary services examinations. There are three exam stages. A panel conducts the personal interview to assess personality and legal knowledge. The stages are as follows:

The “PRELIMINARY” Examination:

  • There will be multiple-choice questions in the preliminary exam.
  • A weight of 70% will be assigned to the subjects included in the Law Papers I and II curriculum.
  • The language tests in Hindi and English will be weighted 30% each.
  • A grand total of 100 marks will be awarded for the entire preliminary exam.
  • No score will be deducted for incomplete or inaccurate responses.
  • The final ranking would be decided without considering the results of the preliminary assessment.

The “MAINS” Examination:

  • The RJS judicial mains exam is open to candidates who qualify for the RJS preliminary exam.
  • There will be four exams in the main examination, each with questions in the subjective/narrative form.
  • Each paper will take three hours, or 180 minutes, to finish for candidates.
  • The following topics will be covered in the main exam in accordance with the RJS Mains Examination Pattern:
  • Law Paper I
  • Law Paper II
  • Languages Proficiency:  Hindi essay (Paper III) and English essay (Paper IV)
  • In the Mains exam, a minimum qualifying percentage of 40% is required.


  • Throughout the interview process, the candidate’s suitability for work as an RJS Civil Judge will be evaluated.
  • This will be done by looking at the candidate’s character, personality traits, and physical appearance in addition to their academic, college, as well as university records.
  • The questions may be generic in nature rather than primarily intellectual or legal.
  • Participation in the Viva Voce is a requirement for eligibility for the final selection ranking.
  • The final merit list will be prepared and the candidates selected based on the combined scores from the Mains Exam and the Viva Voce.

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