December 28, 2023
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The Rajasthan Junior Division Civil Judge vacancy is announced by the Rajasthan High Court. This announcement is an opportunity for qualified applicants who wish to become Rajasthan Civil Judges.

Applicants have to carefully examine the Rajasthan High Court’s RJS notification 2024 before applying for this position since it includes all the information, they need to know about the hiring procedure.

RJS vacancy 2024

  • The Rajasthan High Court has published a notification advertising 57 openings for the Rajasthan Judiciary, which is of relevance to students interested in the Rajasthan Judiciary Service examination scheduled for 2024. All qualified candidates are eligible to apply for these positions.
  • 33 of the total number of positions are set aside for candidates who fall under the Unreserved category. This is a chance for qualified applicants who want to work as civil judges in Rajasthan’s judiciary.
  • The written examination and interview phase will serve as the foundation for the selection process. It is recommended that test takers consult the official notification for additional information about the requirements for eligibility, the application procedure, the curriculum, and the format of the selection process.

RJS exam 2024: Eligibility Requirements

In order for candidates to be eligible to submit an application for the RJS exam in 2024, there are a few requirements.

The following are the specific RJS eligibility requirements for 2024:

  • Candidates have to be Indian citizens.
  • To be eligible for reservation benefits, they need to be residents of Rajasthan.
  • In addition, candidates need to have graduated from an accredited law school with a bachelor’s degree.
  • The candidates’ ages must not be lower than 21 or higher than 40.
  • Candidates who fall under the reserved category shall be eligible for a reasonable age relaxation.

Rajasthan Judicial services 2024: Application Procedure

  • All qualified applicants must use the official website to submit the RJS 2024 application form in order to be considered for the Rajasthan Judiciary Services examination.
  • Visit the official website and log in. After selecting Civil Judge Cadre 2024, click Apply Online to finish filling out the RJS application form 2024.
  • All pertinent academic and personal data must be included in the application form by the applicant.
  • Completing all fields indicated with an asterisk (*) is mandatory.
  • All applicants must include their email address and phone number in order to receive further correspondence.
  • Applicants must upload their digital signature in jpeg format along with their photo to the application.
  • To minimize any last-minute headaches, applicants need to submit their online application well in advance.
  • Before applying, all candidates must pay the application cost.

RJS exam 2024: 5 Major Tricks to Succeed

Retaining the Consistency

  • Many times, candidates enter the preparatory phase with great excitement and find it challenging to continue studying at the same rate after two to three months. Thus, the secret is to be consistent.
  • It’s been said that training for a 100-meter sprint is not the same as training for a marathon. It’s imperative to keep the pace.
  • Not only is flexibility in trying out various tactics during the preparation phase crucial for the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam, but consistency is also necessary.

Adhere to a Structured Study Plan

  • It is crucial to understand that working hard is insufficient. Of those one hundred, about seventy percent put in a lot of effort, but they still fall short. Therefore, it’s critical to plan ahead and work effectively.
  • Put another way, make sure you have a proper study schedule and follow it.
  • If you’re having trouble carrying out the study plan you created, you might set weekly goals and treat yourself when you reach them.
  • The secret to acing the Rajasthan Judiciary examination is time management.

Attempting Practice Tests and Mock Exams

  • It takes more than simply effort to pass the State Judiciary Exam; it also comes down to your temperament on the examination day.
  • It is crucial to train your mind for that by being aware of the RJS questions from the previous year that should be ignored and resisting the urge to allow your ego to take control and spend too much time on a single topic.
  • The only thing that can help an average student pass this examination is consistent practice.

Consider the Correct Source in Light of the Syllabus

  • A common error made by candidates is to purchase numerous books without concentrating on just one, which, if left unchecked, proves to be a mistake.
  • For the exam, the “RJS Books as well as Sources” will be far more than adequate. 

Take Notes and Update it Regularly

  • Making notes in advance is essential since it facilitates and expedites the revising process.
  • You are able to conquer any exam if you can create your notes powerful enough to make the game.
  • Make sure that your revision plan allows you to go over the full syllabus at least twice before the examination.

Despite its complexity, the RJS examination is challenging, but with the appropriate study techniques, it is definitely possible to qualify. You can improve your chances of passing the RJS exam by adhering to the tricks.

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