July 22, 2023

“Negligent” refers to a failure to exercise reasonable care or diligence that leads to harm or injury to another person or their property. It is a failure to take proper care or precaution that a reasonable person would have taken in a similar situation. Negligence can be unintentional but still results in harm due to the lack of proper care.
Example: If a property owner fails to repair a broken step in their building despite knowing about the issue and someone gets injured as a result of tripping on the broken step, the property owner may be held liable for “negligence.”
In both cases, whether an action is deemed rash or negligent depends on the specific circumstances, the standard of care expected in that situation, and the degree of harm caused. Both terms are important in the legal system as they determine the level of culpability and the appropriate legal consequences for the actions of individuals or entities.

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