Magistrate in CrPC.

January 30, 2023

A magistrate is a minor judicial officer or a civil officer who administers the law in a particular area like a town, district etc. He handles legal cases just like a judge but does not have as much power as a judge. The magistrate has limited law enforcement powers as compared to the law enforcement powers exercised by a judge. There are different types of magistrates such as:

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Judicial Magistrate: He or she is subordinate to the Chief Judicial Magistrate and is governed by the Session Judge.

Chief Judicial Magistrate: The high court appoints a first class judicial magistrate as the chief judicial magistrate in every district. He or she is subordinate to session judge.

Metropolitan Magistrate: The magistrate appointed for the towns whose population is more than one million is called Metropolitan Magistrate. They report to session judge and are subordinate to the chief metropolitan magistrate.

Executive Magistrate: They are appointed in the district as per the discretion of the state government. Two of the executive magistrates are appointed as a district magistrate and as an additional district magistrate.

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