Liabilities of Seller under Transfer of Property Act

January 21, 2023
Statue of Lady Justice

The liabilities of sellers are given in Section 55(1) of Transfer of Property Act, 1882. The following are the liabilities of sellers with which they are bound: –

Liability to disclose any faults: It is the responsibility of the seller to disclose any material facts related to the default or some kind of defect in the property which the buyer does not know or could not discover on his own. The seller must disclose any material defect in the property.

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Liability to hand over the documents to the buyer: The seller needs to produce all the documents needed relating to the property which are in the seller’s possession or power.

Liability to provide all information: The seller has the liability to answer all the relevant questions of buyer related to the property and its title.

Liability to execute conveyance: The seller has the liability to execute a proper conveyance of the property when the buyer has paid the amount and has directed it to him for execution at a proper time and place

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