Key points about injuria sine damno

September 18, 2023
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Key points about “injuria sine damno”:

  • Legal Injury: Injuria sine damno recognizes that individuals have rights and interests that are protected by the law. Even if a person’s physical well-being or financial situation is not affected, they may still have a legal claim if their rights have been violated.
  • Violation of Legal Rights: To establish a claim based on injuria sine damno, the plaintiff (the injured party) typically needs to demonstrate that the defendant (the alleged wrongdoer) has committed an act that infringes upon a legally recognized right or interest. This could include violations of rights such as defamation, privacy, or reputation.
  • Nominal Damages: While there may not be any actual financial loss or harm suffered, a successful plaintiff in a case involving injuria sine damno may be entitled to nominal damages. Nominal damages are symbolic or token monetary awards meant to acknowledge the legal injury and the violation of rights.
  • Examples: Some examples of injuria sine damno might include a false statement that damages a person’s reputation without causing any financial loss, or a violation of a person’s privacy rights without any monetary consequences.

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