February 6, 2024
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To pass the challenging and extremely difficult Gujarat Judiciary examination, one must put in a lot of preparation and devotion. Candidates must comprehend the material thoroughly, be familiar with the exam format, and have a thoroughly thought-out study plan in order to pass this test.

The primary exam will have a descriptive format, while the preliminary exam will be objective-based, per the Gujarat High Court Civil Judge Examination Pattern. There are three exam phases for the Gujarat High Court Civil Judge position: preliminary, mains, and viva voce.

Gujarat Judicial Services Examination: Pattern

For the Preliminary Exam:

  • OMR-based multiple-choice questions will comprise the preliminary exam.
  • There will be a mark deduction of 0.33 for each incorrect response, and one mark will be awarded for each incorrect or multiple incorrect responses.
  • There will only be an English version of the preliminary exam question paper accessible.
  • If candidates receive 50% or more in the preliminary test and 40% or more in the Gujarati Language Test (in the event that they have not passed their Secondary as well as Higher Secondary Exams with Gujarati topic), they will be deemed eligible for the main exam.

For the Mains Exam:

  • The mains examination is primarily subjective.
  • There are three papers in all for this examination.
  • Paper I, which is 150 minutes long and for 75 marks, is composed of Criminal law.
  • Paper II, which is 150 minutes long and for 75 marks, is composed of Civil Law.
  • Paper III, which is 90 minutes long and for 50 marks, is of Gujarati language.
  • The language utilized for the mains exam question paper will be English. People can answer in Gujarati or English to the questions if they are not instructed otherwise.
  • For the mains exam, the following are the minimum qualifying marks:
  • For Scheduled Caste & Tribe: 45% marks
  • For Other Category: 50% marks

For the Viva Voce:

  • A shortlist of candidates for the Viva Voce exam round will be selected from those who passed the main exam.
  • The Viva Voce Exam will be given 50 marks.
  • The purpose of the Viva Voce exam is to assess a candidate’s suitability for the cadre by considering the candidate’s legal knowledge, mental alertness, ability to explain things clearly and logically, a judgment that is balanced, and other factors including attitude, ethics, assimilation capacity, communication power, character, and intelligence
  • The candidate must have received at least 40% of the possible points in the Viva Voce Test in order to be considered for inclusion in the final Gujarat High Court Civil Judge Result.

Preparation Strategies by Jyoti Judiciary: The best judiciary coaching in Gujarat

  • Understanding of the Exam Material: A solid understanding of the material is the first step in preparing for the Gujarat Judiciary exam. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including criminal and civil law. Applicants should thoroughly study the syllabus and comprehend the subjects covered in each section. Using this, they can make a study plan and concentrate on the subjects that require more attention.
  • Preparing for the Gujarati Language Part: Candidates who specifically wish to target Gujarat Judiciary Services must prepare for the Gujarati language at Jyoti Judiciary, the judiciary Coaching in Gujarat because Gujarati is one of the numerous languages used by Gujarat Judiciary Services, which sets it apart from other languages.
  • Be Through with the Bare Acts: The fundamental laws, also known as the Bare Acts, must be familiar to those preparing for the Judiciary exam as advised by Jyoti Judiciary. As you begin to get ready, carefully read the section on “bare acts”. Long-term, this will be quite helpful, and you should be familiar with the fundamentals.
  • Utilizing Online Study Resources: To prepare for the Gujarat Judiciary examination at Jyoti Judiciary, the best online judiciary coaching in Gujarat, use standard online study resources covering all courses on the curriculum. Numerous books and study guides are available on its online website that are tailored especially for this exam. Candidates must select study resources that are endorsed by subject-matter experts and thoroughly cover all pertinent material.
  • Take Mock Tests Online: Mock tests are an essential part of exam preparation as they help determine the candidate’s level of readiness. It is recommended that candidates take mock examinations on a regular basis as per their convenience online in order to assess their level of knowledge and understanding of the subject. Mock tests are also helpful in improving time management skills and identifying areas that need more attention. Candidates should make use of the Gujarat Judiciary mock exams available on the Jyoti Judiciary website, the best online judiciary coaching in Gujarat.

All the best for your exams!

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