Jurisdiction of criminal courts under CrPC

July 11, 2023

Jurisdiction means the area where courts and magistrates can use their powers. Whenever any crime commits, the question arises about where to lodge FIR, can we lodge FIR anywhere? Well, saying to lodge FIR anywhere will not work, for example, if any crime is committed in Jaipur for which FIR is lodged in Mumbai, then how Mumbai police do an investigation in Jaipur, and moreover this will also waste the time of Mumbai police in looking into Jaipur matters. So, jurisdiction is important to look into.
In a Criminal case, on one hand, we have to see the jurisdiction of the Police station i.e, which police officer does the investigation, and on the other hand the jurisdiction of the court i.e., which court tries the case.
Police officer’s jurisdiction is co-terminus to magistrate jurisdiction means according to section 156(1) Criminal Procedure Code,1973 (hereinafter referred to as CrPC) police officers have jurisdiction to investigate case all places where the magistrate has jurisdiction to try the case according to chapter XIII of CrPC.
If we talk about court jurisdiction, CrPC gives the court jurisdiction of two types-

  1. Territorial Jurisdiction as stated under Chapter XIII, i.e., from sections 177-189 of CrPC- territorial jurisdiction is given for the convenience of courts and parties and to keep the work manageable.
  2. Jurisdiction to try a case by courts, the case is triable by which court for that Schedule to CrPC need to look up.

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