January 30, 2024
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Exams for the Judicial Services are quite competitive, and essays play a significant role in evaluation. Candidates should plan and organize their responses in accordance with the essay question’s requirements in order to compose a strong essay.

Although there isn’t a single essay writing strategy that works for everyone, there are some broad guidelines that can assist direct your work. Your essay must be properly organized and well-argued first and foremost. It should also be error-free, succinct, and straightforward.

Essays in a Judiciary Exam: Importance

We all develop the ability to write essays during our time in school. However, the quality of essay writing on topics of legal interest in English required for competitive exams is significantly higher than what we experienced in middle school. The inability to write an essay that is both organized and knowledgeable might lead to a mark deduction, thus it is imperative that applicants become proficient in writing judicial essays.

Three categories usually apply to essay writing for judicial exams language papers:

  • Essays on Social Topics: These essays address current socio-legal challenges and generally center on issues such as corruption and women’s empowerment.
  • essay writing on topics of legal interest: Candidates are judged in this category based on their ability to evaluate and articulate well-informed views on important international happenings.
  • Essay on Cultural Legacy Topics: These writings are used to assess a candidate’s familiarity with the state’s cultural legacy and reveal how well-versed they are in it.

State-by-state variations in essay requirements notwithstanding, the overall trend is still the same. Effective essay writing necessitates a comprehensive strategy that includes several essential components. Writing essays effectively requires the development of coherent material, which is a critical skill demonstrated by applicants who score highly.

All essays ought to include the following four major elements:

  • A Brief Introduction
  • Laws or Sections that include investigating causes and effects
  • Relevance of applicable legal provisions
  • Conclusion

Gaining proficiency in essay writing is an important skill that can boost your score on competitive tests by guaranteeing your ability to express thoughts and arguments clearly.

Major legal essay topics for judiciary exams 2024

The expected legal essay topics india for the judiciary exams 2024 are as follows:

  1. Surrogacy and its Regulation in India
  2. Is criminalizing marital rape important?
  3. The Need of Advocates Protection Act
  4. Bar and Bench Relationships in India
  5. Boosting Judicial Activism in India
  6. Reforms to be implemented in the Judiciary 
  7. Corruption in the Indian Judiciary 
  8. Indian Judge Appointment Process
  9. Regulation over cryptocurrency in India
  10. Is India going to adopt the Uniform Civil Code?
  11. Constitutionality of Abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution 
  12. Cybercrimes and Judicial Efficacy in India
  13. India’s digital privacy in the context of the Data Protection Bill
  14. Should the death penalty be ruled unconstitutional in India?
  15. Regulation in the Sector of Drugs in India
  16. How effective are alternative dispute resolution techniques?
  17. The study of Indian federalism
  18. Extrajudicial Killings and its Regulation in India
  19. India’s development of an online FIR
  20. Regulating artificial intelligence
  21. Is artificial intelligence a blessing or a curse?
  22. Regulation on import of Drones in India
  23. The Impact of Reservation under the Indian Constitution
  24. Role of the Judiciary in deciding religious issues
  25. Data Privacy and its protection
  26. Hate speech / Free speech limits
  27. Mob lynching in India
  28. Living wills or Euthanasia in India
  29. Media responsibility in reporting
  30. The Emergence of a Cashless Economy in India
  31. Right to privacy under the Indian Constitution
  32. The Overview of National Education Policy in India
  33. Marital Rape under the Indian Penal Code
  34. The Exclusion of Creamy layer under the Reservation
  35.  Media Trial in India
  36.  The Deterrent nature of Global warming in India
  37. Cybernation – a threat or a convivial to employment
  38.  The Significance of Ayodhya Verdict
  39.  Manual Scavenging: A Bane in the Society
  40. Right to education – challenges and prospects

With a little work and the right approach, essays can raise your score and final rank. Aspirants to the judiciary race from east to west and from north to south in quest of the most anticipated essay subjects for these exams.

Writing essays is a skill that must be mastered if one hopes to do well on judicial exams. Essays test a candidate’s legal knowledge as well as their capacity for in-depth legal analysis and compelling argumentation. Candidates can stay informed about recent legislative developments and improve their comprehension of socio-political dynamics by routinely reading newspapers.

Jyoti Judiciary coaching programs also offer helpful advice and premium materials to enhance the student’s essay writing abilities. A successful career in the judiciary can be achieved by prospective judges through rigorous practice, in-depth research, and critical analysis in their essay writing.

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