December 26, 2023


The Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services exam is a highly competitive and prestigious exam conducted by the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CPSC) for the recruitment of Civil Judges. It is a dream of many law aspirants to become a part of the judicial system of Chhattisgarh judicial services and serve the people of the state. To achieve this dream, one needs to have a thorough understanding of  not only the exam pattern, syllabus, and of course of the subjects but also of some tips and tricks on how to crack Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam clear the Chhattisgarh Judicial Services. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the Chhattisgarh exam. Also, we will see the eligibility criteria for Chhattisgarh Judicial Services.

How to Prepare for Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam?

The following are some of the tips that would be helpful for the aspirants preparing for Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services.

  1. Have a strong will power to clear the exam- Having strong will power and determination on the part of the aspirant is the first step towards clearing not only the Chhattisgarh Judiciary exam but for any state’s judiciary exam. Therefore, every candidate must start preparation with a strong desire and determination to clear the exam.
  2. Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus – The first step in preparing for Chhattisgarh Exam 2024 is to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. The exam is conducted in three stages – Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam, and Interview. Also, while preparing for the CJS an aspirant needs to understand how CJS is different from other state’s judiciaries and then start the preparation accordingly.

The following things must be keep in mind while preparingfor Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services 2024.

Before starting preparation for CJS 2024, an aspirant must be mindful of the following things.

  • Different syllabus for pre and mains exam: Before starting preparation for Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam, an aspirant must carefully observe that CJS doesn’t have the same syllabus for the pre and mains exam. Preliminary examination which is objective in nature includes questions from the Bare Act itself. However, for main examination only one paper is conducted and that too includes only judgment writing and language part. Judgment writing is more based upon the practical and conceptual knowledge of the individual. Therefore, an aspirant must prepare accordingly so that concept clarity is built.
  • Local laws and minor laws weightage: It has been seen that in the preliminary examination, more weightage is given to the local laws and minor laws. Therefore, these laws also must be prepared as rigorously as the other major subjects.
  • Judgment writing: The Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam primarily covers the judgment writing portion for its main examination. Through this, the exam seeks to check and evaluate the concept clarity of the individuals. Therefore, while writing judgment a candidate is expected to reflect its knowledge on various aspects of law comprehensively. Therefore, while preparing for CJS, a candidate must clear his concepts thoroughly to write a comprehensive judgment and simultaneously remember sections numbers thoroughly for prelims.
  • Language Part: The CJS exam includes language as a major part of its syllabus. Candidates would be required to write essays on any legal or social issues. Apart from these there would be translation part. Candidates are advised to give equal weightage to these portions too.
  • Create a Study Plan- Once you have a clear understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus, the next step is to create a study plan. A well-structured study plan will help you cover all the topics in the syllabus and allocate sufficient time for revision. Divide your study plan into daily, weekly, and monthly targets to ensure that you stay on track with your preparation.

Start analysing your strengths and weaknesses in different subjects and allocate more time to subjects that you find challenging. Set realistic goals for each study session and track your progress regularly. It is important to stay disciplined and dedicated to your study plan to succeed in Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services Exam.

  • Prepare simultaneously for all the three stages- While preparing for the CJS exam it is always advisable that all the stages of the exam, prelims, mains and interview to be prepared simultaneously.
  • Focus on translation- It is to be noted that translation (from Hindi to English and vice versa) forms a substantial part of CJS, therefore students need to prepare translation thoroughly and need to give those same weightage as the law subjects,
  • Study Material and Resources– Choosing the right study material and resources is crucial for effective preparation. There are numerous books, online resources, and coaching institutes that offer study material for Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services Exam. In addition to books, candidates can also refer to online resources such as legal websites, e-journals, and previous year question papers to supplement their preparation.
  • Join a CJS coaching- Joining a good coaching institute can also be beneficial as it provides guidance from experienced faculty, study material, mock tests, and regular practice sessions.
  • Regular Revision and Practice– Regular revision and practice are essential for success in Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam. Make it a habit to revise the topics you have studied at regular intervals to reinforce your learning. In addition to revision, practice is equally important. Solve previous year question papers, mock tests, and sample papers to improve your speed and accuracy. This will help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and gain confidence in tackling different types of questions.
  • Stay Updated with Legal Current Affairs- Legal General Knowledge plays an important role in Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services Exam. Stay updated legal current affairs related to, legal developments, landmark judgments, and socio-economic issues. Read newspapers, magazines, and online portals regularly to stay informed about current affairs.  It is to be noted with utmost certainty that now-a-days in times of cut-throat competition; students can’t rely on only citing the conventional case laws. They also need to incorporate recent pronouncements of the Supreme Court into their answers. This would help in writing judgments as well as for the interview preparation.
  • Time Management- Time management is key to success in any competitive exam. Develop effective time management strategies to complete the exam within the stipulated time frame. Practice solving questions under timed conditions to improve your speed and accuracy.
  •  Stay Motivated- Preparing for Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services Exam can be challenging and demanding. It is important to stay motivated and focused throughout your preparation. Surround yourself with positive influences, set small milestones, reward yourself for achieving them, and stay committed to your goal.
  1. Take Care of Your Health – Lastly, do not neglect your health during your preparation. Take regular breaks, exercise, eat healthy food, and get adequate sleep to stay physically and mentally fit. A healthy body and mind will help you concentrate better and perform well in the exam.

Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam Eligibility 2024

  1. Chhattisgarh Judiciary exam age limit
  2. Minimum age limit is 23 years
  3. Maximum age limit is 35 years
  4. Age relaxation to SC, ST, OBCs and Women is 5 years
  5. Age relaxation to physically handicap is 10 years
  • Educational Qualification for Chhattisgarh Judiciary
  • Candidate must hold a degree of law from a recognized university
  • Nationality eligibility  for Chhattisgarh Judiciary
  • Indian Citizen


Preparing for the Chhattisgarh Judiciary Exam 2024 exam requires dedication, hard work, and the right resources. Candidates should focus on improving their writing skills, time management, and accuracy to excel in the exam. The Chhattisgarh Judiciary Services is a challenging exam, but with the right approach and resources, one can crack it with flying colors. So, start your preparation early, stay focused, and give your best in every stage of the exam.

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