January 2, 2024
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For people hoping to become civil judges in the Indian state of Gujarat, there is a competitive exam called the Gujarat Judiciary Exam. There are three stages to the exam: the main exam, the interview, and the preliminary exam. The Gujarat High Court administers the exam. While the mains exam consists of subjective questions, the preparatory exam is a multiple-choice exam.

Those who pass both exams and qualify for the preliminary examination can take the main exam and go to the interview. Candidates are tested on their general awareness, legal knowledge, and current events knowledge. Gujarat selects successful individuals to fill the role of civil judge.

Gujarat Judiciary Examination Pattern

The three stages of the examination process are as follows:

Prelims Examination:

  • Multiple-choice questions based on OMR will make up the preliminary examination.
  • For each incorrect response, one mark will be given, and for each incorrect or numerous response, a mark deduction of 0.33 will be applied.
  • The Prelims Exam question paper will only be available in English.
  • Candidates will be considered eligible for the main exam if they receive 50% or more in the preliminary exam and 40% or more in the Test of Gujarati Language (if they haven’t passed their Secondary and Higher Secondary Exams with Gujarati topic).

Mains Examination:

  • The primary written test will be of the descriptive variety.
  • English will be the language used on the main exam question paper. If not told differently, individuals can respond to the questions in either Gujarati or English.
  • The following are the minimum qualifying scores for the main exam:
  • Scheduled Tribe & Scheduled Caste: 45% of the total marks
  • 50% in the other category


  • A shortlist of candidates for the Viva Voce testing round will be selected from those who passed the main exam.
  • The Viva Voce Exam will be given 50 marks.
  • The purpose of the Viva Voce Test is to assess a candidate’s suitability for the cadre by evaluating their mental acuity, legal knowledge, logical and clear exposition, judgmental balance, skills, attitude, ethics, ability to assimilate information, communication skills, character, and intellectual depth, among other factors.
  • The candidate must have received at least 40% of the possible points in the Viva Voce Test in order to be considered for inclusion in the final Gujarat High Court Civil Judge Result.

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