Defamation and Innuendo

December 31, 2022
Statue of Lady Justice

Defamation is an invasion of one’s reputation and good name. It tends to injure one’s reputation to diminish the esteem, respect, good will of a person. Where the words are defamatory, the question of intention or motive with which they are used is immaterial. Good faith or ignorance of the defamatory nature of the statement is no defence who utters defamatory statement at his peril.

Sometime defamation is not apparent or prima facie, the words which are not defamatory in ordinary sense but convey the defamatory meaning owing to the particular circumstances in which they were spoken or written.

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Here, the plaintiff is solicited to prove ‘Innuendo’. By innuendo it means that though the words in the statement are not libelous in their ordinary meaning but they have specified libelous meaning in the circumstances of case.

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