February 23, 2024
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The Judicial Service Examination offers a stable future and a distinguished profession. Additionally, it provides the candidates with a chance to serve the nation. Every year, thousands of students take the Judicial Service Examination; however, only those who prepare purposefully and methodically pass.

While conceptual legal clarity is required for the Mains examination, the Preliminary examination keeps the focus entirely on the Acts. In the Personal Interview phase, in addition to having a solid grasp of current events and general knowledge, candidates should concentrate on a number of key legal topics as outlined by the Evidence Act, CPC, CRPC, and IPC.

What is the Judiciary Examination?

The Judicial Services Examination, also known as the PCS (J) – Provincial Civil Service Judicial Examination, is an entrance-level test that law graduates take to be considered for positions as subordinate judicial members. The state governments select members of lower courts through competitive examination, overseen by the corresponding high courts.

  • For the Lower Judiciary Services, An LL.B. degree and enrolment in or qualification as an enrolled lawyer under the 1961 Advocates’ Act are the prerequisites for appearing in the Examination of Judicial Services.
  • For the Higher Judiciary Services, the candidate must have completed their legal education and have worked in litigation for at least seven years.

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Why Jyoti Judiciary have the best app for judiciary preparation?

One of the best apps for preparing for the judiciary is Jyoti Judiciary Coaching. It is the best free app for judiciary preparation which offers all the resources a student might want in one place: previous exams, practice questions, quizzes, live tests, news, exam updates, and comprehension-enhancing video lectures.

  • Conducts Mock Tests and Practice Tests: Students can take practice tests as well as mock exams from anywhere at any time using the Jyoti Judiciary app. By doing this, they’ll save a ton of time.
  • Provides Question Banks: There are more than five lakh questions and answers on the Jyoti Judiciary Coaching app. By performing the mocks and practice exams that are provided in the questions, students can get better in each segment.
  • Align itself with the Recent Exam Patterns: To suit the most recent exam patterns, the Jyoti Judiciary arranges courses in Judiciary that have been updated, toughness analysed, and scientifically designed. The complete study bundle consists of concept learning modules and workbooks. Each question type is thoroughly explained in the courseware modules, along with simple instructions for completing assignments swiftly.
  • Provides Live Recorded Sessions: With over 25,000 hours of content available, students easily see sessions on the app from the convenience of their own homes. The mentors make any subject look simple for students to understand because of their extensive knowledge.
  • Provides with Premium Notes: The students receive all of the necessary notes as well as videos from subject-matter specialists in the judiciary.
  • Update Students on Current News: It informs the students of significant occurrences in the national and international news. Comprehensive explanations for historic decisions are also provided.
  • Aligned Course Content: The course content that student’s study is fully aligned with the questions on the Judiciary exam, with a strong emphasis on the syllabus.
  • Analysis of Every Test Taken: The students will receive thorough statistics and analysis for each test they take, enabling them to track their development and preparedness.
  • Summarizing Overall Development: By comprehending students as they study and summarizing their overall development, the app acts as a student’s own teacher.

Unlimited cloud storage is one of the built-in features of the Jyoti Judiciary Coaching App, and it’s used for class delivery. Furthermore, an endless quantity of storage space allows for the uploading of a limitless number of courses, video lectures, live classes, study guides, test series, and other content to the app.

Throughout their academy course, students can access both live and recorded sessions via the Jyoti Judiciary Coaching App many times.

All the best for your exams!

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