October 17, 2023
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Most law school graduates who want to pursue careers as judges worry about the right time and place to begin their preparation for the judicial services exam. You need to first understand that passing the judiciary examination can be tough but not impossible. You can certainly pass the exam on the very first attempt if you are committed to what you want to achieve and use the right strategy

You must be wondering how it is even possible. Let us know how.

One-Year Strategy to Ace the Judiciary Examination

The Judiciary is one of the most important parts of the Indian government. It has sole authority on how the Constitution and the legislation of the whole country should be interpreted. Fair and impartial justice administration is another duty of the judiciary.

You must get started preparing for the judiciary exams right away if you want to secure a position in the Indian state judiciary as a judge.

  • Knowing the Criteria for Eligibility: Knowing the criteria for taking the Indian Judiciary examination is the first stage. Ensure that you fulfill all necessary requirements before you start preparing for the examination.
  • Getting yourself Acquainted with the Examination Pattern: The next thing to do is to get familiar with the structure of the examination. The Judiciary examination in India is a written examination with multiple-choice questions. You must thoroughly go through the exam pattern and familiarize yourself with every question that is going to be asked.
  • Analyzing the Previous Years’ Examination Pattern: Perhaps the most important stage of any examination is this particular one. This is because of the fact that by acquainting yourself with the structure of previous years’ question papers uploaded by various institutes for RJS Coaching websites for the judiciary, you will be able to figure out what topics are most crucial for you to concentrate on, which questions are asked most frequently, and how much time you should devote to each subject.
  • Prepare for the Judiciary “MAINS” effectively: You can begin preparation for the Judiciary “MAINS” examination once you have a clear understanding of the eligibility requirements and the examination pattern. Written examinations might be challenging as you only have a certain amount of words that you can use to express yourself. Therefore, be cautious that you’re completely ready for the examinations.
  • Practice a Setting on Mock Tests: You must appear in a similar setting as the actual exam with the help of mock tests designed by different institutes that provide RJS Coaching to get used to the structure of the examination, the pattern of the questions, and the limited time to complete the exam successfully. You are going to better comprehend the exam pattern and your time skills in time management when you do this.
  • Keep yourself Updated with the Current Developments: Current developments are also a part of the Indian Judiciary examination. You have to therefore keep yourself updated with the most recent developments in the country as a whole. This is going to allow you to give stronger answers to the examination questions.
  • Making a Habit of Revising on a Daily Basis: Last but not least of all, you need to regularly revise each topic. This will enhance your memory of what is being covered and help you perform effectively on the examination.


Study Plan for the “INITIAL” 6 Months

  • Aspirants need to focus on developing a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts within their initial six months. This involves poring through pertinent case law and Bare acts to ensure that you are familiar with the fundamentals of law.
  • In order to receive professional advice on your preparation, it is also a good idea to start taking coaching classes designed by various RJS Coaching institutes from this moment onwards.
  • Furthermore, in order to stay updated on the latest developments, applicants should start reading newspapers every single day. From this moment onward, you should also begin to practice writing answers on your own.

Study Plan for the “LAST” 6 Months      

  • Aspirants should concentrate on taking as many mock tests as they can and finishing last year’s papers for the judiciary exams during the last six months.
  • They will be able to see their strengths as well as their shortcomings as an outcome.
  • They should also begin preparing revision notes, which will be beneficial during the last few hours preceding the examination.

You must start your preparation immediately and study consistently if you wish to successfully qualify for the Indian Judiciary examinations in one year. You must concentrate on what you’re learning and come up with a study schedule you can adhere to. To know what to anticipate on the day of the examination, you should also take mock tests. Finally, remember to relax and keep an upbeat mindset during the entire process. All the Best for your Exams!

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