Are Human Tissues & Organs goods?

May 15, 2023

Human remains cannot be regarded as “goods” that can be bought and sold since the law does not acknowledge a title to property in a deceased body. However, it is unlikely that there is a uniform rule to this effect because, in reality, medical students frequently buy and sell skeletons.

The law governing human tissues, organs, and body products—such as hair, blood, and urine—as well as genetic material—such as ova, sperm, and embryos—has advanced significantly in recent years. A large number of these things seem to be marketable. It has been determined in an American case that giving blood transfusions is a contract for the delivery of services, but there is also evidence to support the idea that giving blood from a blood bank is a sale of products. Of course, people have been buying and selling human hair for wig-making for millennia.

The Human Organs Transport Act, 1989 (English) and the equivalent Indian Act prohibit the selling of human organs and other commercial dealings involving such organs.

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