February 26, 2024

Among the most honourable and well-respected professions in the whole country is that of a judge. The Bihar Judicial Exam is periodically held with the aim of selecting impartial and capable judges. The Bihar Judiciary assesses candidates’ understanding and discernment through a range of techniques, such as written exams, screening tests, and interviews. The exam is open to all Bihar law graduates and postgraduates.

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Bihar Judiciary Examination Pattern

There are three stages in the selection process for Bihar Judicial Services. All three stages are qualifying in their own right. Only those candidates whose preliminary exam scores exceed the minimum cut-off mark advance to the next round of testing.

For the Preliminary Examination:

  • This exam consists of two papers. Both have MCQs and are of the objective variety. 
  • For candidates in the general category, the minimum passing score on the preliminary exam is 45%; for those in the reserved category, it is 40%.
  • Candidates in the reserved category, women and candidates with partial impairments, among others, must receive a minimum passing score for the Mains Exam that is 5% lower.
  • There will be no negative marks on the Bihar judiciary examination.

For the Mains Examination:

  • The Bihar Judiciary Mains examination consists of three elective papers and five required papers.
  • The written exam consists of 1050 marks, of which the answers to the descriptive questions make up half.
  • There are questions about general knowledge topics like current affairs, comprehensible elementary science, Hindi, English, the law of evidence, and general procedure.
  • English and Hindi are two of the five necessary qualifying subjects. In order to proceed to the interview stage, the combined score from these two exams needs to be at least 35%.

For the Viva Voce Round:

  • Those who make it through the Mains exam are invited to the interview process.
  • There is a 100-mark assigned for the in-person interview.
  • In order to be given full consideration for the Bihar Judicial Services selection process, candidates must receive at least 35% marks to get selected.

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