May 28, 2024
Doctrine of Pith and Substance


The practice of child marriage, which is deeply entrenched in Indian society, is still an enormous issue regardless of whether it is illegal and multiple organizations are striving to eradicate it. child marriage in india, which is characterized as the union between individuals under the age of 18, is an extreme infringement of children’s rights that hurts their general development, health, and education.

what is child marriage?

  • A young child, typically a girl under the age of fifteen, gets married to an older man in a practice known as “child marriage,” which is prevalent in several Indian civilizations.
  • The parents of the two children (the girl and boy) plan their future marriage as a second type of child marriage practice.
  • In this custom, the boy and girl are not introduced to one another until they are of marriageable age, at which point the marriage ceremony is conducted.
  • For women, the minimum age required of marriage is 18, while for men, it is 21.

child marriage

  • Since ancient times, child marriage has been practiced in India, where young children and teenagers get married off much before they reach adulthood in terms of both physical and mental development.
  • Some parents may agree to child marriage for a variety of reasons, including financial need, male protection for their daughters, having children, or repressive cultural standards and ideals.
  • UNICEF defines child marriage as a union of a girl or boy before the age of eighteen.
  • This definition includes both legal and unofficial unions when minors under the age of eighteen live with a partner as though they are married.

child marriage prohibition act

This is the child marriage act in india. In India, child marriage is prohibited by the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006.

About the Law:

  • Permits a person who was underage at the time of marriage to lawfully annul the union;
  • Offers maintenance to the daughter of the union;
  • Regards offspring of child marriages as lawful and establishes guidelines for custody and support; and
  • Regards certain types of child marriages involving coercion or human trafficking as unlawful unions.

About the Crime:

  • For a male adult to wed a female child;
  • To carry out or assist in any manner with a child marriage;
  • To permit, encourage, or neglect to prevent a child marriage (in the capacity of a parent or guardian); and
  • To witness or participate in a child marriage (in the capacity of a parent or guardian).

Where to Go to Stop the Crime:

  • You can file an application in person before a District Court, where the judge has the authority to issue an order compelling all parties to refrain from participating in the child marriage.
  • If you need assistance annulling a child marriage, you can see a Child Marriage Prohibition Officer.

punishment for child marriage in india

  • Unless the offender can demonstrate that he had reasonable grounds to believe the marriage was not a child marriage, he faces a harsh two-year prison sentence and a fine of up to one lakh rupees for performing, conducting, directing, or aiding in any child marriage.

ending child marriage

Educate Girls to Empower Them

  • One effective way to end the cycle of child marriage is through education. By encouraging and facilitating access to high-quality education, we enable girls to see more promising futures.

Encourage Parity between Genders

  • Eliminating child marriage requires achieving gender equality. A great effort to combat damaging gender norms and stereotypes that support this practice needs to be developed.

Raising Awareness and Educating People About Child Marriage

  • The first step toward change is awareness. India reaches out to communities, schools, and individuals with broad awareness campaigns on the negative effects of child marriage.

Offer Assistance in the Growth of Teenage Girls

  • Preventing child marriage requires fostering adolescent girls’ entire development. The Government of India provides programs that prioritize the mental and physical health of girls, giving them the tools they need to make wise decisions about their lives.

Participate in No Activities that Encourage Child Marriage

  • It is essential that people should not take part in any activities that support child marriage as responsible citizens. They can work together to end it if they speak out against these kinds of actions.


In the nation, child marriage is as common as termites. The nation is being consumed by it internally. The two main causes of the issue of child marriages are poverty and illiteracy. The child who is most impacted by this practice is the girl. They are traded to adult men for an amount. The members of the poor family view them as a burden. They are made to drop out of school, suffer from early pregnancy, physical and psychological violence, and abuse in relationships. The nation needs tougher rules in response to the grave issue of underage marriage.

A number of laws have been created to safeguard children’s rights, and their gradual implementation throughout the nation is a significant achievement in and of itself. The only ways to save the victims of child marriage and give them a happy and safe upbringing are through effective execution and understanding of these legal rules and consequences.

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