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April 1, 2024
Bihar judiciary Coaching

Being a judge is one of the most honorable and well-respected jobs in the entire nation. The purpose of the Bihar Judiciary Exam is to choose competent and unbiased judges on a regular basis. The Bihar Judiciary assesses applicants’ comprehension and judgment using a range of techniques, including written exams, preliminary exams, and interviews. All Bihar law graduates and postgraduates are eligible to take the exam.

Bihar Judiciary Examination Pattern

The selection procedure for Bihar Judicial Services consists of three steps. Each of the three phases qualifies on its own. Candidates who achieve more than the minimum cut-off mark on their preliminary exam are the only ones who move on to the next phase of testing.

Preliminary Examination:

  • There are two papers in this exam. Both are objective and contain multiple-choice questions.  
  • The minimal passing score on the preliminary exam is 40% for candidates in the reserved group and 45% for those in the general category. 
  • Among others, candidates in the reserved category, women, and those with partial impairments must get a minimum Mains Exam passing score that is 5% lower.
  • The Bihar Judicial Examination will not result in any negative grades.

Mains Examination:

  • There are three elective papers and five obligatory papers in the Bihar Judiciary Mains exam. 
  • There are 1050 marks in the written exam, of which half come from answering the descriptive questions. 
  • English and Hindi are two of the five required qualifying courses; there are questions on general knowledge topics such as current affairs, intelligible rudimentary science, Hindi, English, the law of evidence, and general procedure. 
  • The total of these two exams must be at least 35% in order to move on to the interview round.

Viva Voce:

  • Those who pass the Mains Exam are invited to participate in the interview phase. 
  • The in-person interview carries a 100-point score. 
  • Candidates need to score at least 35% to be considered for full consideration in the Bihar Judicial Services selection process.

Bihar Judiciary Coaching: Jyoti Judiciary

  • The best coaching for bihar judiciary in India is offered by Jyoti Judiciary. If you want to do well on the Bihar judiciary examinations, this is a terrific alternative. 
  • It guarantees that Jyoti Judiciary coaching is available to all, resulting in an easy and pleasurable learning experience for the Bihar judiciary through basic concepts and language. 
  • Jyoti Ma’am and the school’s skilled instructors make sure that students have a solid legal foundation and consider practical options for satisfying the requirements of the Bihar judiciary exams. 
  • It’s top offline and online coaching for Bihar judiciary provides top-notch, cost-effective, and effective coaching.

Bihar Judiciary Online Classes: Why to Join?

The greatest online coaching provided by Jyoti Judiciary for the Bihar judicial service exam guarantees thorough preparation and a positive learning atmosphere for the Bihar judiciary. Among the several applicants, it is the favored option due to its superior qualities:

  • Engaging Lectures: To enhance their learning experience, students can participate in engaging lectures, video lessons, practice examinations, and Q&A sessions at Jyoti Judiciary, the best Bihar online classes for judiciary exams. They can also improve their ability to solve problems and understand basic legal principles, both of which are essential for passing the Bihar Judiciary tests.
  • Flexible Study: Students can study at their speed with the help of Jyoti Judiciary’s online coaching for the Bihar Judiciary. Students can maximize their time management skills by modifying their study timetables to suit their demands. They can also learn time management skills by solving the Bihar judicial previous year’s question papers.
  • Premium Study Materials: Students enrolled in Jyoti Judiciary are provided with well-structured access to a vast array of study materials, the best book for bihar judiciary, including the finest online coaching available for the Bihar judiciary examination course. In the online Bihar Judiciary programs at Jyoti Judiciary, students also stay up to date on the most recent legal developments and ensure that they are prepared for any exam-related stress.
  • Consistent Content Updates: Jyoti Judiciary refreshes its study guides to take into account significant legal developments as well as the most recent Bihar judiciary exam patterns. In order to remain abreast of the competition, students have to keep their knowledge updated.
  • Professional Advice: Students gain from the knowledge and experience of the Jyoti Judiciary faculty. By fostering a good learning environment, its support and guidance increase applicants’ chances of success in the Bihar Judiciary exams.
  • Outstanding Online Guidance for bihar judicial service exam: Jyoti Judiciary is dedicated to offering prospective law students outstanding online guidance for the Bihar Judiciary. Its objective is to help students realize their dream of becoming judges in the judicial system of Bihar with the most reasonable online judiciary coaching fees.

Bihar Judiciary Exam FAQs

1. How many attempts are there in Bihar PCS J exam?

There is no limit in the number of attempts for the Bihar Judiciary exam.

2. How can I clear my Bihar judiciary exam?

Try to complete as many Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) on the subjects that are covered every day to prepare for the Bihar Judiciary pre-exam. Give the previously posed questions additional attention.

3. What is the criteria for the judiciary exam in Bihar?

The age range that falls between the lower and higher bounds is 22 to 35 years old. Qualifying Marks: Candidates from the general category must receive at least 45% of the possible points in the preliminary exam, while candidates from the reserved group must receive at least 40%.

4. Is LLM compulsory for the judiciary?

The individual must be an Indian citizen. Requires an LLB or LLM degree. An LLM degree is not necessary to apply for the judiciary exam, however.

5. How to prepare for Bihar judiciary?

  • First You should Understand the Exam Pattern 
  • Secondly you have to collect Study Material
  • Create your Study Plan
  • Regular Revision
  • Mock Tests
  • Legal Current Affairs
  • Legal Aptitude
  • Time Management

6. Who is eligible for Bihar higher judiciary?

An applicant must possess a graduate degree in law or an equivalent degree from an accredited university in order to be considered for Bihar Judiciary Eligibility.

7. Is 1 year enough for judiciary preparation?

Begin your preparations at least a year or two in advance, covering every subject on your study plan. Make time each day for at least 10 to 12 hours of study, which should include reading newspapers, opinion pieces, and current events.

8. Can an average student crack the judiciary?

You must realize that passing the judiciary exam is a difficult but attainable goal. If you are dedicated to your goal and employ the appropriate approach, you can definitely qualify for the exam on your first attempt.

9. What is the first post after clearing the judiciary exam?

You are chosen as a Civil Judge (Junior Division) or an equivalent position based on your score on the Judicial Service Examination and the successful completion of judiciary coaching. Their career in the judiciary officially began with this.

10. Is the judiciary exam conducted every year in Bihar?

Every year, the BPSC administers the test in order to fill the open positions of civil judges in the courts. There are three exam phases: preliminary, mains, and interview.

11. How much time is sufficient for judiciary preparation?

Because the Judiciary Exam Syllabus is so extensive, it would take at least 120 days to finish it all for judicial services tests. Early preparation will allow you to better organize your law school exams, internships, and other commitments.

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