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[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”78117″ img_size=”full”][flat_spacer desktop=”20″ mobile=”20″ smobile=”20″][vc_column_text]The UP Civil judge examination also known as the PCS J EXAM is just around the corner.
Many aspirants are waiting for this examination, so that they can fulfill their dreams of becoming a judge, one of the most prestigious position in the society in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
Jyoti Judiciary, the best PCS J coaching in Allahabad, and the best PCS J coaching in Lucknow will keep you posted about this examination and help you in your journey of becoming a civil judge in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
You can also enroll in our PCS J online coaching so that you can from the comfort of your avail the best services available in the market.

Stage 1 :
Collecting the Information : Jyoti Judiciary, the best PCS J coaching in Allahabad, shall update you as soon as the notification of the examination will be released and you should be aware of the number of seats, the updated syllabus. More or less the syllabus is going to be the same as previous years but then, you never know, ther can be minor changes and you should be aware of the little changes for making your prospects stronger.


Stage 2 :
Check Eligibility : The minimum age for the examination is 22 years and the maximum age is 35 years.
You should have a LLB degree from a recognised university.
There is age relaxation for candidates,

OBC. : 5 years
SC/ST : 5 years
State government employees : 5 years
Sports person : 5 years
Physically Handicapped : 15 years
Ex servicemen : 5 years


Stage 3 : Choosing a PCS J COACHING

Whether you are situated in Allahabad, looking for a PCS J coaching in Allahabad, whether you are in the capital Lucknow, looking for a PCS J coaching in Lucknow, or for that matter anywhere. The most important step is to find a coaching that will stay with you all throughout your journey of PCS J EXAM.
Then, you are the at the right place, Jyoti Judiciary, the best PCS J coaching will help you all throughout your journey, our courses are tailor made to suit each and every candidate. Jyoti Judiciary shall guide you shall provide you with the right material, help you focus and most importantly keep you in a competitive environment, so that you can inculcate the values that are important to crack the judicial services examination.


Stage 4 : Be religious with your schedule.

There are two parts in this, first make a schedule, your expert shall help you in that, often times we don’t know how much is required for this particular examination, but you can take the help of the years of experience of your expert and make a schedule for the examination.
The second part is be religious with the schedule. One year of religiousness with your course will surely help you in fulfilling your dreams of becoming a civil judge.
Attend lectures daily, and practice as suggested.


Step 4 : Trust

Students have to show trust in themselves and their expert.
Often times they loose trust which demolishes their confidence. And confidence is the key. So, if you are feeling low, just talk to your expert, they shall guide you and help you, little suggestions can help you get back on track.


Step 5 : Practice, practice and practice.

A. Objective MCQs : Jyoti Judiciary, the best PCS J coaching in Allahabad shall provide you with n number of objective type questions to help you in your preparation so that you can be updated with the various types of questions that are asked in this examination.

B. Subjective Questions : Jyoti Judiciary, the best judiciary coaching in Allahabad, shall provide you with practice subjective question papers to test your conceptual understanding and help you prepare for the questions that shall be asked from you in this Examination.

C. Mock papers : Mock papers are an essential exercise, and it depends on how many mock papers you solve will help determine how prepared you are. Don’t be afraid of the test days and give the test.


Step 5: Revisit, revision and redo.

A. Revisit : Revisit what all you have learnt. At least weekly.

B. Revision : You should at least revise twice the entire syllabus to be completely comfortable and confident. Revision helps.

C. Redo : As you go on and take various tests, never forget that you have to redo the questions that you missed or have answered incorrectly.

Take all these points in mind and stay healthy and stay focused, Jyoti Judiciary, the best PCS J coaching is always there with you.[/vc_column_text][flat_spacer desktop=”70″ mobile=”40″ smobile=”30″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1631116114631{background-color: #161431 !important;border-radius: 15px !important;}”]

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