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Jyoti Judiciary coaching’s sole objective is to provide the country’s future judges with the finest RJS online tutoring accessible in Jaipur, Rajasthan. For the RJS test, this institute provides RJS online coaching in Jaipur. For this reason, the institute always works to assist students in preparing for the Rajasthan Judiciary Examination by offering relevant advice from very qualified instructors with backgrounds in justice and law.

Rajasthan Judiciary Examination: Overview

  • Every year, the Rajasthan High Court holds the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam in an attempt to identify eligible candidates for the seats of Civil Judge and other judges.
  • The preliminary examination, the mains examination, as well as the viva voce round are the three main components of the RJS examination.
  • The exam is carried out in both Hindi and English. The ultimate decision will be based on how well each candidate performed on the mains exam and in the interview.

Rajasthan Judiciary Examination Pattern

Preliminary Examination:

  • The RJS Preliminary Exam Pattern consists of objective multiple-choice questions. The Rajasthan judiciary’s negative marking guidelines do not apply to applicants.
  • There are two sections in the Rajasthan Judiciary Preliminary Exam Pattern: Law and Hindi and English.
  • The Law Paper I and II course material will make up 70% of the total score in the Mains Exam; the candidate’s Hindi and English language proficiency will be weighted 30% each.
  • The minimal aggregate required to pass the test is 40% for SC/ST students and 45% for students in other categories.

Mains Examination:

  • There are four papers in the RJS Mains Examination Pattern, and the exam is a descriptive test.
  • Those who passed the RJS Preliminary Exam are eligible to proceed to the RJS Judiciary interview round.
  • Candidates who don’t obtain an overall score of 40% aren’t allowed to advance to the following round.
  • Every paper will be finished separately, as shown by the timeline in the table.
  • The following topics will be covered in the mains test, according to the RJS Mains Exam Pattern:
  1. The 100-mark Law Paper I (Civil Law) will be given in three hours.
  2. There will be a three-hour test covering Law Paper II (Criminal Law) that is worth 100 marks.
  3. There will be a two-hour, 50-mark Hindi essay.
  4. There will be a two-hour English essay that is worth 50 marks.

Viva-Voce Round:

  • Candidates are entitled to proceed to the 35-mark interview phase if they pass the mains exam.
  • The main topics covered in the interview questions are legal competence, general knowledge, and current events.
  • The extra credit is given according to the candidate’s knowledge of Rajasthani social conventions and dialect competency.

Courses for Rjs coaching online at Jyoti Judiciary Coaching

  • Best RJS Online Coaching: For the Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching offers the best online Rjs coaching in Rajasthan.
  • Student Convenience: Students can easily make up missed lectures by viewing live lectures on the school’s website if they are unable to attend offline seminars at Jyoti Judiciary for any reason.
  • Recorded Lecture Access: Students can easily access recorded lecture recordings on the official Jyoti Judiciary website. They can then listen to these recordings whenever it’s convenient for them to sit down and study using the online Rjs coaching.
  • Exam-Specific Lectures: Jyoti Judiciary Coaching’s live lectures address subjects unique to exams. Better lectures could ultimately assist students.
  • Online Exams: Saturdays are also designated for online exams administered by online Rjs coaching, which gauge students’ advancement within the judicial coaching framework.
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Why Enroll with Rjs coaching in Jaipur Online at Jyoti Judiciary Coaching?

Offers a unique, creative, and engrossing educational experience in Jaipur:

  • For its innovative approach to Rjs coaching in Jaipur online, Jyoti Judiciary stands out. Six days a week, live sessions for coaching are offered, and on Saturdays, practice tests and evaluations are conducted.
  • Through Rjs coaching in Jaipur online, the institute works hard to retain student involvement and engagement, which produces a good and productive learning environment.
  • Jyoti Judiciary is happy to provide unique and engaging educational opportunities.
  • During these live lectures, students at Rjs coaching in Jaipur online can interact in real time with Jyoti Ma’am and its skilled professors, ensuring that they are learning current and pertinent material.

Offers Top-Notch Study Resources via Rjs coaching in Jaipur online:

  • At Jyoti Judiciary, the Best RJS coaching in Jaipur online, students can acquire educational resources that go far beyond their requirements to help them prepare for the RJS exams.
  • Jyoti Judiciary provides study materials including law literature, criminal law handbooks, and language books to help students improve their language skills.
  • A range of subject-specific papers, sample RJS exams, and other materials are also available in the Rjs coaching in Jaipur online, which you can customize to meet your own requirements.
  • With so many study resources at your disposal, Rjs coaching in Jaipur online can help you become an expert in the subjects and skills that students need to perform well on their RJS exams.

Live Sessions All the Time:

  • According to Jyoti Judiciary, the best online Rjs coaching in Jaipur, attending engaging in-person sessions can greatly enhance your educational experience.
  • Through the more than six hundred hours of live lectures it provides yearly through online Rjs coaching in Jaipur, you can interact in real time with its staff of highly qualified professors.
  • Students can interact with instructors in person during live sessions because of the dynamic and engaging format of online RJS coaching in Jaipur.
  • In its RJS online coaching in Jaipur sessions, students can succeed by responding to queries, discussing complex legal concepts, or getting tailored feedback for the RJS exam.

Live Lectures Recording:

  • One of the primary benefits of the RJS Online Coaching in Jaipur program is that it provides candidates with a considerable level of privacy.
  • The rigorous requirements of the RJS judiciary exams allow candidates to customize their study plans to meet their requirements.
  • This Jyoti Judiciary online Rjs coaching in Jaipur program ensures that people can commit to specific study hours without compromising their academic or career goals.
  • Additionally, candidates will find it easier to handle their hectic schedules if they have access to learning resources and lecture recordings.

Daily Live Classes to Clear Doubts:

  • Students may have queries and worries about the RJS exams as they prepare for them. These can be addressed in the RJS online coaching in Jaipur.
  • It provides concentrated sessions designed to allay their fears and provide them the motivation they need to achieve with its online Rjs coaching in Jaipur.
  • During these sessions, experts go into extensive detail to answer any inquiries students might have about complex legal concepts, methods for taking tests, or any other aspect of their Rjs online coaching in Jaipur.

Most Important Perks Offered by the Rjs coaching in Jaipur Online

Most Reliable Online RJS Coaching in Jaipur:

  • Jyoti Judiciary doesn’t need an introduction because it has a track record of success in a variety of judicial examinations; its industry-leading success rate is proof of its superiority.
  • Its commitment is to provide you with the greatest online RJS coaching available, along with a plethora of resources and professional support to help students achieve their goals. Students can feel confident in their ability to prepare for the RJS.

Offers Daily Sessions for Doubt Clearing via Online RJS Coaching:

  • As they prepare for the RJS exams, students could feel nervous and uneasy.
  • Jyoti Judiciary offers concentrated sessions to allay fears and provide you the support students need to be successful.
  • During these sessions, all questions from students on challenging legal topics, test-taking strategies, or any other aspect of their Rjs coaching online preparation will be thoroughly addressed.
  • Students may be confident that their doubts won’t deter them and that they’ll learn the skills necessary to advance on their journey to become well-known judges.

Provides Live and Recorded Classes at RJS Coaching Online:

  • The quality of participation provided by its Rjs coaching online courses sets you up for success, whether that you’re answering questions, going over complicated legal concepts, or receiving personalized feedback.
  • Jyoti Judiciary offers a limitless number of live classes, as well as recorded live lectures, giving students multiple opportunities to communicate in real-time with Jyoti Ma’am and our knowledgeable teachers.
  • Attending dynamic, live classes for Rjs coaching online can significantly improve learning.

Joining Hands with the Most Experienced Instructors at Online RJS Coaching:

  • Through the online RJS coaching platform, students can easily communicate with the highly knowledgeable and proficient academically experienced faculty members of the Jyoti Judiciary.
  • The faculty’s expertise combined with the convenience of online learning guarantees that students receive excellent direction and guidance all through the entire RJS preparation process.

The institute that provides the best Rjs coaching online in Jaipur, Jyoti Judiciary, offers a range of courses that are reasonably priced and flexible as an alternative to traditional classroom coaching. One of the platform’s most alluring features is its tailored and interactive learning environment. For the foreseeable future, education will change due to Rjs coaching online in Jaipur, which makes it more accessible, affordable, and interesting.

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Online RJS Coaching FAQs

  1. Which coaching is the best online Rjs coaching?

The best online Rjs coaching is provided by Jyoti Judiciary Coaching. The objective is to create a comfortable learning environment for the students. It makes the difficult task seem easy, which increases the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome. The objective at Jyoti Judiciary is to give students the best possible education possible. The Institute pledges to use every resource at its disposal to provide you with the finest preparation for the Judicial Services entrance examinations.

  1. What is the last age for RJS?

Candidates must be within the ages of 21 and 40 in order to sit for the RJS exam in 2024. For the general class, 40 is the highest possible age. However, candidates representing reserved categories may be eligible to ask for an age relaxation.

  1. How to clear Rjs in first attempt?

Set realistic weekly or monthly objectives. As you allot time for your subjects, remember to prioritize the more challenging ones. Adapt the time allotment to each person’s unique advantages and disadvantages. Continuous revision is necessary for a successful outcome on the RJS Exam in 2024.

  1. How many attempts are there in RJS?

For the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam, there is no maximum number of attempts indicated, hence there is no upper limit.

  1. How to prepare for Rjs in 6 months?
  • If you have just six months to get ready for the judiciary, you must start by studying the curriculum for your state of choice.
  • Routine tasks like brushing up on your language and current events knowledge are also necessary.
  • You will benefit from the knowledge you have gained from this practice at every level of the judiciary exam, since many states include general knowledge questions in the first round.
  • Writing essays is mandatory even for the Mains stage; these essays usually address legal or socio-legal topics that you can learn more about by following current affairs.
  • That being said, a language exam might give you an advantage over all of your competitors, since the majority of you regularly study language until you are eligible for the mains.


  1. How do I start preparing for Rjs exam?
  • First, evaluate your present comprehension level.
  • Make sure your objectives are realistic;
  • Schedule time for each subject;
  • Schedule revision sessions;
  • Schedule mock exams;
  • Set reasonable objectives.


  1. Is 6 months enough for judiciary?

It would certainly be difficult to pass the Judicial Services Examination in six months, but it is doable with the correct attitude, persistent work, and careful preparation. Keep in mind that not only how much you understand, but also how effectively you perform on your trip, will depend on how well you use the knowledge you have acquired.

  1. Which book is best for judiciary preparation?

The authors of the following laws:

  • D. Gaur’s “Indian Penal Code,”
  • Batuklal’s “Indian Evidence Act,”
  • K. Bangia’s “Indian Contract Act,” and
  • Paras Diwan’s “Modern Hindu law.”
  • D. Jain wrote the “Limitation Act,”
  • K. Takwani wrote the “Civil Procedure with Limitation Act,” and
  • Lawman’s wrote the “Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.”
  • Avtar Singh wrote “Specific Relief,”
  • Durgadas Basu, M.P. Jain, and Laxmikanth wrote “Criminal Procedure,”
  • V. Kelkar wrote “Muslim Laws with Model Nikahnama-Bare Act with short Notes,”
  • K. Sinha wrote “The Transfer of Property Act,”
  • Avtar Singh wrote “The International Law and Human Rights,” and
  • U.P.D. Kesari wrote “Administrative Law”;
  • Avtar Singh wrote the “Indian Partnership Act”


  1. Who is eligible for the RJS Exam?

The RJS exam has a minimum age requirement of 21 years old and a higher age limit of 40 years old. Applicants must hold an LLB degree or a comparable degree from an institution recognized by the Advocates Act of 1961.

  1. Is the RJS Exam tough?

The preliminary examination assesses applicants’ thorough comprehension of the law and their ability to practically apply legal principles. Despite the considerable obstacles on the RJS Examination, success is possible with careful preparation. This is a thorough guide to help you get ready for the RJS Exam in 2024.

  1. Does RJS have negative marking?

The Language section carries 30% weight (15% Hindi and 15% English), whereas the Law section has 70% weight. The RJS Prelims do not have any negative markings.

  1. Who is more powerful IAS or RJS?

Judges cannot summon IAS officers to punish them or give them orders on what to do or not do. Furthermore, the judiciary holds a substantially greater position and more responsibility than the IAS officer under the federal and state governments’ hierarchical frameworks.

  1. How many papers are there in RJS?

There are four papers in the RJS Mains Exam 2024: two legal papers covering legal issues and two language competency examinations. The language-based papers are valued at 50 marks each, while Papers I and II are for 100 marks each.

  1. What is the interview marks for RJS Exam?

The interview is the third part of the examination. Candidates need to receive an overall score of 40% and a minimum of 35% in each legal paper in order to advance to this level. A weight of 35 is assigned to the interview.

  1. Can judge suspend an IAS officer?

To put it plainly, there is a reason why the Judge cannot remove an IAS officer. The President of India appoints people for positions such as IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, etc. Therefore, the President of India has the authority to remove or dismiss such officers in accordance with Article 311(1) of the Constitution.

  1. Who conducts RJS Exam?

The Rajasthan Judicial Service Competitive Exam is held by the Rajasthan High Court in order to choose qualified applicants for the legal roles/vacancies of Civil Judge. Three phases will comprise the RJS 2024 exam: preliminary, mains, and interview.

  1. What is the passing marks for RJS prelims?

The minimal qualifying scores for the RJS Prelims 2024 are 40% for SC/ST applicants and 45% for candidates in the Unreserved category. Negative marking is not applicable to the RJS Prelims exam.

  1. How to prepare for RJS mains?

Revisions to the Constitution, laws, historical events, as well as current affairs should all be regularly followed. Your writing speed can be greatly improved by practicing Answer Writing for the Rajasthan Judiciary Mains Examination within a time limit. Try to draft sample essays on potential subjects and get comfortable writing two to three essays every week.

  1. What is RJS age limit?

The RJS examination has age requirements of 21 years old as the minimum and 40 years old as the maximum requirements for Education. Candidates must be in possession of an Advocates Act of the year 1961-recognized institution’s LLB degree or a degree that is comparable.

  1. What post is given after RJS?

You are appointed as a Civil Judge (Junior Division) and begin serving in the state judiciary after passing the judicial services exam. The following are the duties and obligations outlined by the High Court for a Civil Judge: The court of Civil Judges (Junior Division) is the lowest level in the civil system.

  1. How many exams are there in RJS?

The Rajasthan Judiciary Exam is given by the Rajasthan High Court to candidates for the state’s subordinate judiciary. There are three parts to this exam: an interview, the main exam, and the preliminary exam.

  1. Is LLM necessary for RJS?

Candidates must hold an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) or an LLM (Master of Laws) degree from an accredited university with a minimum of 50% marks in order to be eligible for the Rajasthan Judiciary Exam. Enrollment with the Rajasthan Bar Council or a different State Bar Council in India is required.

  1. What do you become after clearing RJS?

To become a judge, candidates normally complete a year-long training program within the state’s judicial academy after passing the judiciary exam.

  1. How to clear RJS in first attempt?

A well-organized study schedule, concentrated preparation, frequent revisions, and experience with previous years’ papers are crucial for passing RJS on your first try.

  1. How many subjects are there in RJS?

A primary subjective test comprising papers such as Law Paper 1, Law Paper 2, English essay, as well as Hindi essay makes up the 2024 RJS exam program. The candidates will then participate in an interview to evaluate their personalities, communication abilities, and level of expertise.

  1. Do police salute judges?

The judge cited the Punjab Police Rules, 1934, which applied to the state of Haryana. The rule stated that all police officers wearing uniform who enter a courtroom during its session are required to salute the court, regardless of the status or rank of the judge currently presiding over the court.

  1. Is it hard to crack RJS?

Candidates’ thorough knowledge of the law and their ability to apply legal concepts realistically are assessed in the main exam. Despite the considerable obstacles on the RJS Examination, success is possible with careful preparation. This is a thorough guide to help you get ready for the RJS Exam in 2024.

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