Being a judge is one of the most noble and esteemed jobs in the country. Every so often, the Judiciary examination is given in an attempt to select impartial and qualified judges. The Judiciary uses a variety of methods, including written tests, interviews, and preliminary evaluations, to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and judgment. Though each state has its own requirements, postgraduates and new law graduates are eligible to take the examinations.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready for the Rajasthan Judicial Service Examination and would like to enroll in the top Rjs Coaching in Jaipur to help you study.

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    RJS Examination: About

    • The Judicial Service of Rajasthan is referred to as RJS. Every year, the Rajasthan High Court holds the Rajasthan Judicial Service Competitive Examination in an effort to find qualified applicants for legal roles and Civil Judge vacancies.
    • The three main stages of the RJS exam are the preliminary exam, the main exam, and the interview round.
    • The examination is administered in both Hindi and English.
    • The final selection of candidates will be made on the basis of their interview and mains scores.

    RJS Examination: Stages

    • RJS Prelims Examination: This is the first part of the RJS exam, which measures applicants’ legal knowledge with objective-style questions. To narrow down the pool of candidates for the next round, this is a screening test.
    • RJS Mains Examination: Candidates who pass the preliminary exam move on to the main exam. Written papers covering a variety of legal topics, including criminal law, civil law, and language proficiency, typically make up this stage.
    • RJS Interview Round: Upon passing the main exam, candidates receive an invitation to a personal interview. At this point, their fitness for the role, communication abilities, and legal knowledge are evaluated.

    RJS Vacancy 2024

    The Rajasthan High Court has released its official announcement regarding the RJS Vacancy 2024. The RJS Vacancy 2024 announcement lists 222 vacancies for the year 2024, more than any prior year.

    Note: There was no prior holding of the Rajasthan Judicial Services Examination for 2022 and 2023. Thus, the greatest number of openings for this year 2024, 222, was obtained by adding the total openings from the years 2022 (83 vacancies), 2023 (57 vacancies), and 2024 (82 vacancies).

    By means of its RJS Notification 2024, the Rajasthan High Court declares the RJS Vacancy 2024. The following is a breakdown of the RJS Vacancy 2024 as per the RJS Notification 2024:




    RJS Vacancy for the General Category


    For Women-19

    For Widows-6

    RJS Vacancy for the SC Category



    RJS Vacancy for the ST Category



    RJS Vacancy for the OBC Category


    For Women-11

    For Widows-2

    RJS Vacancy for the EWS Category



    RJS Vacancy for the MBC Category



    Total Posts




    Rjs Coaching: About Jyoti Judiciary Coaching

    • Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, the greatest Rjs Coaching in Jaipur, provides top-notch RJS examination coaching in addition to offline and online multi-state Judiciary Coaching programs in India. Online coaching is a great alternative if you wish to perform well on the judiciary exams.
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    • Every student in the Judiciary course receives individualized attention, which promotes two-way conversation. Students are free to ask questions at any time during the online session.
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    • It offers a Saturday test series for the Rajasthan judiciary exam, which is intended to assist students to hone and expand their knowledge.

    Jyoti Judiciary Coaching: Rjs Coaching Courses

    Utilizing the organization’s tried-and-true teaching style, Rajasthan created Jyoti Judiciary Coaching’s RJS preparation program. This comprehensive course enhances students’ legal knowledge, communication and problem-solving skills, and ability to apply knowledge to real-world circumstances, preparing them for all three stages of the RJS examination.

    Candidates who are familiar with Rajasthan’s many regional languages and social mores will find it advantageous. The state’s legal system requires that candidates possess knowledge of the state’s rich cultural background in order to judge them competent to hold the position of Civil Judge.

    Rjs Coaching Offline:

    • Jyoti Judiciary Coaching unquestionably provides the best RJS coaching in Rajasthan. It also meets the requirements of applicants and provides the highest level of support.
    • To save registered students valuable time, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching offers an extensive online and offline program structure that encompasses the RJS examination for a full year of 12 months.
    • To meet the needs of Jyoti Judiciary students, it additionally offers the most essential technical services.
    • Monday through Saturday in-person and online coaching classes are offered by Jyoti Judiciary Coaching.
    • Before the RJS exam, the institute also offers examinations and quizzes on Saturdays.
    • For its RJS courses, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching has worked with the top specialists to support students on their incredible journey to become judges. By providing each student with individualized attention, these specialists can help students understand things more thoroughly.

    Rjs Coaching Online:

    • If students are unable to attend offline lessons at Jyoti Judiciary Coaching for any reason, they can easily catch up on lectures they missed with just one click by seeing live lectures on the school’s website.
    • The greatest Rjs online coaching in Rajasthan is provided by Jyoti Judiciary Coaching in Jaipur for the Rajasthan Judicial Services Exam.
    • On the official Jyoti Judiciary Coaching website, students can simply access recorded lecture recordings and listen to them whenever it’s easy for them to sit down and study.
    • Jyoti Judiciary Coaching covers exam-specific topics in its live lectures. Better lectures will eventually help students.
    • Online tests, which measure students’ progress inside the Rjs online coaching framework, are also scheduled for Saturdays.
    • As a result of Rjs online coaching, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching is able to interact with a greater number of students who are committed to realizing their dream of becoming renowned judges.
    • Another advantage is that members of the Jyoti Judiciary online program can now schedule live sessions for coaching with Rjs online coaching whenever it’s most convenient for them.

    Advantages of Rjs online coaching

    • Captivating Lectures: At Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, students can enhance their educational experience by participating in Q&A sessions, practice exams, video courses, and engaging lectures. Additionally, they can sharpen their problem-solving skills and comprehension of fundamental legal principles, both of which are necessary for passing the Rajasthan Judiciary exams.
    • Convenient Study: Students can study at their own pace with the help of RJS Coaching at Jyoti Judiciary Coaching. Students can enhance their time management skills and modify their study schedules to suit their requirements with the help of Rjs online coaching.
    • Premium Study Materials: Students enrolled in Jyoti Judiciary Coaching receive comprehensive, well-structured study materials covering the topics included in the Rajasthan Judiciary exam. By using the Rjs coaching online programs, students may ensure they are prepared for any exam-related obstacles at Jyoti Judiciary and stay up to date on the most recent legal advancements.
    • Regular Content Updates: Jyoti Judiciary Coaching updates its study guides to reflect the latest trends in Rajasthan judicial exams as well as noteworthy legal developments. To keep one step ahead of their rivals, students must keep their knowledge current.
    • Expert Counsel: Students benefit from the knowledge and experience of Jyoti Judiciary Coaching professors. Since it creates a good learning atmosphere, students who receive this help and guidance have a higher probability of completing the Rajasthan Judiciary examinations.
    • Outstanding Judiciary Coaching: Jyoti Judiciary Coaching is committed to providing aspiring law students with outstanding judicial coaching. Its goal is to assist students in fulfilling their aspirations of becoming judges in Rajasthan’s legal system.

    Why Join Jyoti Judiciary Coaching for Rjs coaching online?

    A Distinctive, Imaginative, and Captivating Learning Experience:

    • For its innovative approach to Rjs coaching online in Jaipur, Jyoti Judiciary stands out. Live coaching sessions are available six days a week, with mock tests and evaluations held on Saturdays.
    • Through Rjs online coaching in Jaipur, the institute works hard to retain student participation and engagement, which produces a good and productive learning environment.
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    • During these live lectures, students at online rjs coaching in Jaipur can interact in real-time with Jyoti Ma’am and its skilled professors, ensuring that they are learning current and pertinent material.

    Offers Top-Notch Study Resources via RJS Program Online:

    • Students can obtain study materials that go above and beyond their requirements at Jyoti Judiciary, the Best Rjs coaching online in Jaipur, to help them get ready for the RJS exams.
    • Jyoti Judiciary provides study materials including law literature, language books to help students improve their language skills, and handbooks on criminal law.
    • A range of subject-specific papers, sample RJS exams, and other materials are also available in the RJS online tutoring in Jaipur, which you can customize to meet your own requirements.
    • With so much study material at your disposal, you may use its online rjs coaching to become an expert in the subjects and skills that students need to perform well on their tests.

    Live Sessions all the Time at RJS Online Program:

    • According to Jyoti Judiciary, the best Rjs coaching online in Jaipur, attending engaging in-person sessions can greatly enhance your educational experience.
    • Through the more than six hundred hours of live lectures it provides yearly through Rjs online coaching in Jaipur, you can interact in real time with its staff of highly qualified professors.
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    • Students can excel in its RJS online coaching in Jaipur sessions by answering questions, going over intricate legal ideas, or receiving individualized feedback for the RJS exam.

    Live Lectures at RJS Online Program:

    • One of the primary benefits of the Rjs coaching online in Jaipur program is that it provides candidates with a considerable level of privacy.
    • Because of the demanding criteria of the RJS judiciary examinations, applicants can tailor their study regimens to suit their needs thanks to this flexibility.
    • This Jyoti Judiciary online rjs coaching in the Jaipur program ensures that people can commit to specific study hours without jeopardizing their academic or career goals.
    • Additionally, candidates will find it easier to oversee their stressful schedules if they have access to learning resources and lecture recordings.

    Daily Live Classes for RJS Online Program to Clear Doubts:

    • During their exam preparation, students may have questions and concerns regarding the RJS examinations. These can be addressed in the Rjs coaching online in Jaipur.
    • It provides concentrated sessions designed to allay their fears and provide them the motivation they need to achieve with its online rjs coaching in Jaipur.
    • During these sessions, experts will go into great detail to answer any questions students may have about complex legal concepts, test-taking strategies, or any other aspect of their Rjs online coaching in Jaipur preparation.
    • Students enrolled in Jyoti Judiciary, the best online rjs coaching in Jaipur, can be confident that their doubts won’t deter them and that they’ll acquire the information required to continue working toward their objective of being renowned judges.

    The institution that provides the best RJS online coaching in Jaipur, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, offers a range of courses that are reasonably priced and flexible as an alternative to traditional classroom coaching. The platform’s engaging and customized learning environment has contributed to its very appealing features. For the foreseeable future, education will change due to RJS online coaching in Jaipur, which makes it more accessible, affordable, and interesting.

    In order to receive efficient instruction, candidates wishing to enlist in the Rajasthan Judicial Service (RJS) look for the best RJS tutoring in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The greatest option for legal coaching in India is Jyoti Judiciary Coaching. Jyoti Saxena Ma’am, who has over 20 years of experience mentoring the judiciary, founded “Jyoti Judiciary Coaching,” an online and offline organization that has impacted the lives of RJS and prospective judges from several states in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

    RJS Coaching FAQs

    1. Which Rjs coaching online is best for RJS preparation?

    The reputable Jaipur Rjs coaching online program “Jyoti Judiciary Coaching” aids students in getting ready for the RJS exam. A systematic approach to RJS test preparation is made possible by Jyoti Judiciary, the top offline and online RJS coaching program in Jaipur. Their curriculum has been carefully designed to cover all the subjects and courses required for passing the Rajasthan Judicial Service Examinations.

    1. What is the last age for RJS?

    To take the RJS exam in 2024, candidates have to be between the ages of 21 and 40. The maximum age for the general category is forty. However, candidates from reserved groups may be eligible to ask for an age relaxation.

    1. How to clear Rjs in first attempt?

    Set realistic weekly or monthly objectives. As you allot time for your subjects, remember to prioritize the more challenging ones. Adjust time allotment based on the benefits and drawbacks of each individual. For the RJS Exam to be successful, revision must be continuous.

    1. How many attempts are there in RJS?

    There is no maximum number of attempts specified for the Rajasthan Judiciary Examination, hence there is no limit.

    1. How to prepare for Rjs in 6 months?
    • It is imperative that you begin by reading the curriculum for your preferred state if you have only six months to prepare for the judiciary.
    • You also need to perform routine chores like reviewing language and current affairs knowledge.
    • The knowledge you have acquired from this practice will help you at every stage of the judiciary exam, as many states include G.K. questions in the first round.
    • Even for the Mains stage, writing essays is required; these essays typically cover legal or socio-legal issues that you can further your knowledge of by keeping up with current events.


    1. How do I start preparing for Rjs exam?
    • To begin with, assess your current level of understanding.
    • Make sure your objectives are realistic
    • Schedule time for each subject
    • Schedule revision sessions
    • Schedule mock exams
    • Set reasonable objectives.


    1. Is 6 months enough for judiciary?

    While passing the Judicial Services Exam in six months would undoubtedly be challenging, it is possible with the right mindset, diligent effort, and thorough planning. Remember that your ability to use the knowledge you have gained effectively will determine not just how much you comprehend but also how well you perform on your trip.

    1. Which book is best for judiciary preparation?
    • The “Indian Penal Code” authored by K.D. Gaur
    • The “Indian Evidence Act” authored by Batuklal
    • The “Indian Contract Act” authored by R.K. Bangia
    • The “Modern Hindu law” authored by Paras Diwan
    • The “Limitation Act” authored by J.D. Jain
    • The “Civil Procedure with Limitation Act” authored by C.K. Takwani
    • The “Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996” authored by Lawman’s
    • The “Muslim Laws with Model Nikahnama-Bare Act with short Notes” authored by Universal
    • The “Criminal Procedure” authored by R.V. Kelkar’s
    • The “Introduction to the Constitution of India” authored by Durgadas Basu, M.P. Jain and Laxmikanth
    • The “Transfer of Property Act” authored by R.K. Sinha
    • The “Specific Relief” authored by Dr Avtar Singh
    • The “International Law and Human Rights” authored by Dr H.O. AGARWAL
    • The “Administrative Law” authored by Dr. U.P.D Kesari
    • The “Law of Torts with Consumer Protection Act” authored by RK Bangia
    • The “Indian Partnership Act” authored by Avtar Singh


    1. Is Hindi compulsory for RJS?

    Candidates must obtain their final graduation certificate prior to the main exam if they plan to take the RJS exam in their last year of graduation. Each candidate must demonstrate that they understand written Hindi written in the Devnagari script.

    1. What is the qualifying marks for RJS prelims?

    There are no failing grades in the RJS preliminary exams. The minimum qualifying score for candidates in the Unreserved category to advance to the RJS Prelims is 40%, while the minimum qualifying score for candidates in the SC/ST category is 45%.

    1. Is LLM necessary for RJS?

    Completing an LLM is not required, as the knowledgeable instructors in the greatest online coaching for the RJS exam have explained. A legal career is usually a prudent choice, and obtaining an LLM is always a smart move. Obtaining an LLM can help you grasp specialist legal topics in great detail. You can improve your legal writing and research skills in LLM programs because they are core subjects offered in all programs.

    Additionally, according to specialists in the finest online tutoring for the rjs exam, having an LLM degree improves your position to serve in the judiciary and increases the likelihood that you’re going to be employed as a judge.

    1. Which book is best for Rajasthan judicial services exam?
    • Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS) – Local & Allied Laws authored by Dr Rega Surya Rao and published by Asia Law House
    • Rajasthan Local and Allied Laws – A Comprehensive Study authored by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal, Anand Jain and published by LexisNexis
    • Rajasthan Civil & Criminal Laws (RJS) authored by Dr Rakesh Choudhary and published by Universal Law Publishing
    • Rajasthan Rent Control Act 2001 and Rules – A Commentary authored by B.M. Gandhi and published by Eastern Book Company


    1. How hard is the Rajasthan judiciary exam?

    The Rajasthan Judicial Services examination is neither simple nor complex; rather, your success depends on your own willpower, diligence, and the appropriate coaching. To prepare for this, though, you must have the right supervision; the greatest coaching programs for teaching students about the legal system are those offered by RJS coaching. Its study guides, teachers, and crash courses all play a big part in their ability to succeed in scoring highly on the Rajasthan judiciary tests.

    With the goal of giving students the best coaching available for law entrance exams including the CLAT, AILET, and various other numerous state judiciary exams, Jyoti Judiciary Coaching, India’s Finest educational Platform, was established. Come enrol now with Jyoti Judiciary!

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